Best Tourist Places to Visit in Suai, East Timor, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Suai, East Timor, Asia

Suai is a city which covers an area of 302 sq. km. located in Cova Lima District in East Timor. It is the capital city of Cova Lima District. Suai is located about 179 km southwest of national capital Dili. Suai is positioned between latitude 9°18’ in the south and longitude 125°15′ in the east. Suai is situated just away from the Timor Sea.

The major parts of Suai were destroyed at the time of East Timor independence war with Indonesia. In recent years with the help of several NGOs, Suai is gradually developing in housing and infrastructure. The nearby towns of Suai include Zumalai, Fatululic, Fohorem, Fatumeam, Tilomar and Maucatar.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Suai:

Most of the people of Suai are the lovers of non vegetarian staple foods like fish, chicken, goat and prawn. The popular food of Suai natives includes Ikan sabuko, Tapai, Feijoada, Budu, Batar daan and Bibinka. The hotels of Suai provide the quality foods from Thia, Chinese, Indian, Italian and Australian.

More than 90% of people living in Suai are Catholics and Muslims and other religions accounts of 10% population. The natives of Suai speak Tetum along with Portuguese and Malayo-Polynesian language Mambai.

Due to the visit of loads of tourists, there are plenty of handicraft centres of wood, stone and cloth shops started their operations in Suai region to complete the requirements of tourists.

Connectivity to Suai:

Suai is situated about 179 kms from Dili, about 235 kms from Baucau and about 169 km from Aileu. There are Taxis available to reach main cities of East Timor in Suai at reasonable rent. Suai has its own airport situated few kilometers away from the city centre. Also bus services are good to move within the city. The country’s major international airport is located in Dili named as ‘Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport’ situated about 186 km from Suai.


Places to see in Suai:

Mount Ramelau:

Mount Ramelau also called as Tatamailau is situated in Ainaro District about 64 kms away from Suai City. This is considered as the highest peak of East Timor. Mount Ramelau is located at a height of 2,986 meters above the mean level of sea and is placed between 8°54′24″south latitude and 125°29′36″ east longitude.


Cristo Rei of Dili:

Cristo Rei is a superbly built statue located in Dili and is about 180 km away from Suai. Cristo Rei of Dili is situated between 8°31′13″ S latitude and 125°36′30″ E longitude. Mochamad Syailillah was the designer of this 88 foot-high statue.


Marobo Pool:

Marobo Pool is sited in Atsabe sub district of Ermera District. This pool is very famous from an ancient period for its marvelous beauty and is still good in condition. Bathing in this pool with hot springs gives a pleasant feel and this pool is located about 66 kms away from Suai.


The list of other tourist attractions near Suai is as follows:

  • Saint Mary column
  • Pope John Paul II Statue
  • Atauro Island
  • Jesus Statue
  • Coconut Beach


Ideal time to visit Suai:

The months between August and February are the best time to visit Atsabe.


Accommodation options near Suai:

Tourists can choose accommodation options, ranging from budget hotels to star hotels. Prominent hotels located near Suai are:

  • California Hotel-Dili
  • Eastern Dragon Hotel
  • Tansos Hotel
  • Hotel Pousada Maliana
  • Bugasa Matak Guest House
  • Sebastiao Hotel
  • Vila Mata Ruak
  • Sands Motel
  • Elizabeth Dili 2000 Hotel
  • Central Hotel
  • Vitoria Losmen
  • Timor Village Hotels
  • Hotel Rao

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