Tourist Places to Visit in Viqueque, East Timor, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Viqueque, East Timor, Asia

Viqueque is one of the main cities of East Timor located at the coordinates of 8°51′27″ S 126°21′53″ E. It is the capital of Viqueque District situated about 174 kms from Dili, the capital of East Timor. Viqueque is famous for forests, waterfalls, resistance hideouts and the Mundo Perdido.

Viqueque District is positioned on the south coast of Timor Sea and shares its borders with Lautem District in the east, Manatuto District towards the west and Baucau on the north. Viqueque District covers an area of 1781 sq. km. and the sub districts of Viqueque include Ossu, Uato Carabau, Viqueque and Lacluta.


History of Viqueque:

Viqueque has a strong historical background. Loihunu is one of the villages of Viqueque and has ancient caves where Falintil guerrillas used to protect from the Indonesian army during the independence war. Also Loihunu Village houses very old schools and churches were constructed during the period of Portuguese Timor.


Culture, Food and shopping of Viqueque:

The higher majority of people residing in Viqueque are Christians and minority of the equal ratio of Muslims and other communities. The natives have good interest in sport, music and dance. The prominent festivals are celebrated in Viqueque include Good Friday, Christmas Day and Idul Fitri.

The usual dish of Viqueque natives is slightly different from the other regions of East Timor. The natives of Atsabe are the great lovers of spicy foods and non vegetarian dishes of chicken, fish and pork. The staple food used by the locals of Viqueque is Tamarind, legumes, corn, rice and root vegetables.

Viqueque is home to several modern shopping centres along with handicraft centres of woven, wood, silk and paintings. The hotels of Viqueque are well known for their different regions variety of food and best hospitality services.


How to reach Viqueque?

Viqueque is a top tourist destination attracts tourists from all over the country, due to this reason there are regular tourist vehicles plying between Viqueque and the main cities of the country. Buses are easily accessible at Viqueque City Bus Stand and other nearby bus terminals. The airport of Viqueque is located 11 kms away from the midpoint of the city. There are daily air services available to Baucau, Dili, Aileu, Ermera and Lautem at Viqueque Airport.


Tourist attractions near Viqueque:

Viqueque Forest:

Viqueque Forest is one of the favorite spots of trekkers and researchers in entire East Timor. The water streams in the middle of the forest are the prime attractions of the forest.


Viqueque Waterfall:

Viqueque waterfall is visited by higher majority of foreign tourists for its eye catching natural beauty. This is also a best weekend picnic spot for the people of surrounding regions.


Viqueque Beach:

Viqueque Beach is a very famous beach among the surrounding regions and Viqueque and there is one resort located in the vicinity of beach.



Loihunu is a village in Viqueque houses ancient caves where Falintil guerrillas used to protect from the Indonesian army during the independence war. Also Loihunu is home to Portuguese Timor Schools and Churches.


Other tourist attractions near Viqueque include:

  • Mount Matebian
  • Pousada
  • Cakung Airport
  • Coconut Beach
  • Pope John Paul II Statue
  • Atauro Island
  • Cool Hills


Best time to visit Viqueque:

From September to March is the best time to visit Viqueque, good to enjoy the marvelous beauty of beach.


Accommodation Options near Viqueque:

Hotels that located near Viqueque have variety of modern facilities with top quality of foods from different regions. There is one eco lodge situated in Loihunu Village provides good hospitality services to tourists. The famous hotels near Viqueque are:

  • Loihunu Eco Lodge
  • Timor Village Hotels
  • Hotel Rao
  • Vila Mata Ruak
  • Sands Motel
  • Sebastiao Hotel
  • Mimoza Garment
  • Elizabeth Dili 2000 Hotel
  • Central Hotel
  • California Hotel-Dili
  • Eastern Dragon Hotel
  • Tansos Hotel
  • Hotel Pousada Maliana

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