Best Tourist Places to Visit in Laclubar, East Timor, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Laclubar, East Timor, Asia

Laclubar is a town and a sub district located at the coordinates of 8°44′47″ S 125°54′40″ E in Manatuto District of East Timor. It is positioned at a height of 1069 meters above the mean level of sea. Laclubar is considered as one of the prime tourist centres of East Timor, situated about 11 kms from Manatuto and about 111 km southeast to national capital Dili.

The nearby towns of Laclubar include Manatuto, Laclo, Laleia, Soibada and Bariqu. The historical church, funar homes, traditional build house and beautiful hill are the major tourist attractions of Laclubar.


Culture, Cuisine and Shopping in Laclubar:

The culture of the Laclubar is similar to the regions of Portugal and Indonesia, both of these countries ruled East Timor for very long time. Meal is not complete without rice in Laclubar. Other staple foods used by the natives of Laclubar include maize, corn, fish and chicken. Apart from the local food, Italy, China, Thai and Portugal foods are also available here.

Laclubar is not very rich in shopping sector and houses few shopping centres of cloth, food and handicrafts. Tourists can purchase more quality products at affordable cost by visiting the shops of Dili City (111 km away from Laclubar).


Connectivity to Laclubar:

Laclubar is a beautiful tourist destination located in the centre portion of East Timor. It has good connectivity with Dili, Baucau, Aileu, Ainaro and Ermera through well developed roads. Buses are not very frequent from Laclubar, due to this reason tourists can board buses at the bus terminals of Manatuto City to reach the major cities and the nearby tourist destinations. Within the town of Laclubar, Taxi is good to travel.

The important nearest airports to Laclubar are Cakung Airport in Baucau (96 km), Viqueque Airport in Caraubulo (90 km) and Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport in Dili (117 kms).


Major tourist attractions present near Laclubar are:


Laclubar Church:

Laclubar Church is white painted Christian worship place in Laclubar Town. It is located between 8°44’50.77″ south latitude and 125°54’40.46″ east longitude. Laclubar Church is a prime attraction in Laclubar, but it is currently not in good condition.



Maubara is a small town in Liquica District situated about 105 km from Laclubar. This town is very famous for its 17th century beautiful fort and the fort has a substantial coastal wall with stunning architecture.


Portuguese Palace:

Portuguese Palace is situated in Dili and it is said that, this Palace was built in the year 1627. Another prime attraction of Dili State Museum is located in the vicinity of Portuguese Palace. It has a collection of wood figures, traditional crafts, musical instruments, painting and religious woodcarvings.


The list of other tourist attractions located near Laclubar is as follows:

  • Mount Matebian
  • Laga Landscape
  • Conical Farm House
  • Nino Konis Santana Marine
  • Terrestrial National Park
  • Coconut Beach
  • Atauro Island


Best time to visit Laclubar:

Between May and August is the ideal time to reach Laclubar.


Accommodation Options near Laclubar:

Laclubar is placed 11 kms away from the district main city Manatuto. Budget and luxury hotels are located in Manatuto City, so tourists can choose the hotels of Manatuo or other nearby cities like Baucau and Dili. The prominent hotels in the vicinity of Laclubar are as follows:

  • Copa Accommodation
  • Dina Guest House
  • Albergaria do Planata
  • Pousada de Baucau
  • Hotel Pousada Maliana
  • Hotel Risky
  • Tansos Hotel
  • Eastern Dragon Hotel
  • California Hotel-Dili
  • Central Hotel
  • Elizabeth Dili 2000 Hotel
  • Sebastiao Hotel
  • Sands Motel
  • Vila Mata Ruak
  • Hotel Rao

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