Top Tourist Places to Visit in Dili, East Timor, Asia

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Dili, East Timor, Asia

Dili is the capital city of East Timor placed at a height of 11 meters above the mean level of sea and spans an area of 48.268 sq. km. located between 8°34′ S latitude and 125°34′ E longitude. Dili is considered as the largest city and the commercial center of East Timor.

Dili District is bounded by Manatuto District in the east, Aileu District on the south, Atauro Island towards north and Liquica District in the west.

St. Joseph’s High School, Dili International School, Maharlika International School and Universidade Nacional de Timor-Leste are the top educational institutions of the country located in Dili.


History of Dili:

Dili was in the hand of Portuguese for so many years and in 1769, Portuguese made it as the capital as Portuguese Timor. Dili played a major role in the independence movement of the East Timor and also witnessed the World War II.


Cuisine and Shopping in Dili:

Dili region natives are used to the taste of almost all regions of the world. Katupa, satay and barbeque chicken are the popular food items in Dili. Dili City restaurants serve Japan, Thailand, India, Lebanon, Turkey, Italy and Burma cuisines.

Arte Moris and Tais market are the two shopping centres located in Dili. Arte Moris is an art handcraft centre, sells Timorese painting and other home made products. Tais Market is an archeological centre and tourists can pick pottery, Tais and other curios at reasonable cost here.


Connectivity to Dili:

Dili is well connected with all the major cities of the country through roads and airways. Tourists can easily access buses at Dili Central Bus Stand to Batugade, Mota’ain, Maliana, and Ermera at morning hours and also one can hire cars at reasonable rent at Rentlo.

Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport is the prime airport of East Timor situated about 6 kms from the centre of Dili City. There are air services available to Australia, Singapore and Bali at Dili airport.


Places to see in Dili:

Jesus Statue:

Jesus Statue is a 27 meters tall statue placed on a headland to the east of Dili. It is believed that, this statue was constructed during Indonesian era in East Timor. It is one of the prime magnetisms and a must visit place in Dili.


Cape Fatucama:

Cape Fatucama is a beautiful beach located in the proximity of Jesus Statue. It attracts tourists from all over the country and its natural beauty gives nice experience to the tourists.


Pope John Paul II Statue:

Pope John Paul II is a 6 meter bronze statue located just behind the sea coast.


Atauro Island:

Atauro Island is a worth visit spot and is clearly visible from the city of Dili. Atauro Island is very much famous for Boneka Atauro.


The list of other tourist attractions present in Dili is:

  • Cool Hills
  • Saint Mary column


Ideal time to visit Dili:

The best time to visit Dili is between May and December to come across magnificent beaches and hills.


Accommodation options in Dili:

Dili houses most of the tourist attractions and hotels of the East Timor. Hotels at Dili serve different countries food like Thailand, India, Lebanon, Turkey, Italy and Australia. The hospitality services at Dili hotels are truly splendid. The major budgeted and luxury hotels in Dili are as follows:

  • Discovery Inn
  • Hotel The Ramelau
  • The Plaza Hotel
  • Excelsior Resort
  • Timor Plaza Hotel
  • Hotel Timor
  • Hotel Esplanada
  • Dili Beach Hotel
  • Hotel Colmera
  • Dive Timor Guest House
  • Venture Hotel
  • Central Hotel
  • Albergaria do Planata
  • Tansos Hotel
  • Eastern Dragon Hotel

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