Places to Visit in Mirpur Khas, Pakistan, Asia

Places to Visit in Mirpur Khas, Pakistan, Asia

Mirpur Khas is a city situated in Mirpur Khas District in Sindh Province of Pakistan is the administrative headquarters of Mirpur Khas District located about 230 kms northeast of provincial capital Karachi about 1330 kms southwest of national capital Islamabad.

Mirpur Khas is one of the best mango production regions in Pakistan, produces and exports hundreds of different mangoes yearly. It is also known for IT industries and Educational institutions like Askhia Progressive Public High School and The Eastern Public School and College. Dr. Naseem Memorial Hospital and Dr. Nazir Memorial Hospital are two prominent hospitals in Mirpur Khas.


Geography of Mirpur Khas:

Mirpur Khas is positioned between 25°31′30″ north latitude and 69°00′57″ east longitude.


History of Mirpur Khas:

Mir Ali Murad Talpur was founded Mirpur Khas in 1806. Mirpur Khas was formed as a district headquarters in the year 1906. It witnessed the rule of British when it was one of the regions of India.


Connectivity to Mirpur Khas:

Mirpur Khas has its own airport located 3 kms from the city centre and Hyderabad Airport is located about 80 kms from Mirpur Khas. The nearest international airport to Mirpur Khas is Karachi International Airport situated at a distance of 220 kms.

The railway station of Mirpur Khas is located 2 kms from the heart of Mirpur Khas city.

Khipro Bus Station is one of the major bus stations of Mirpur Khas and there are buses to Hyderabad, Umerkot and Karachi accessible at regular intervals at Khipro Bus Station.

Rented cars or taxis or auto rickshaws are best way to visit mango farms, historical places and airport.


Culture, Cuisine and Shopping in Mirpur Khas:

Mirpur Khas houses several ancient schools and archeological sites of Talpur period. Cricket, hockey, badminton and table tennis are widely played sports in Mirpur Khas.

The best bazaars in Mirpur Khas are:

  • Shahi Bazaar
  • Khisakpura Rasheed Ahmed Siddiqui Shopping Arcade
  • Khipro Stand
  • Irshad Ahmed Siddiqui Shopping Strip
  • Baldia Shopping Center

The above bazaars offer the product of traditional garments and modern crockery. Mirpur Khas is known for variety of tasty mangoes, so don’t forget to eat Sindhri Mango. Thadal of Belaro Shakh is the special drink in Mirpur Khas.


Places to see near Mirpur Khas:


Kahu Jo Darro:

Kahu Jo Darro is an ancient Buddhist archeological site in Mirpur Khas. Some Archeologists and scientific investigators used Kahu Jo Darro for their researches.


Chitorri Graveyard:

Chitorri Graveyard is the graveyard of the earlier rulers of Mirpurkhas ‘Talpur Mirs’. Well designed tombs at Chitorri Graveyard were built in 17th and 18th centuries. Chitorri Graveyard is located 20 kms from the centre of Mirpur Khas city.


Mukhtiarkar Office:

Mukhtiarkar Office is the administrative office, earlier it was the house of the last Talpur ruler of Sindh ‘Mir Sher Muhammad Talpur’.


Durbar Hall:

Durbar Hall is a historical building used as DCO office. During the British rule it was used as a headquarters of British Administrators.


Other tourist attractions near Mirpur Khas are:

  • Government Girls High School
  • Syed Ghulam Nabi Shah District Council Building
  • Mango Farms
  • Old Sessions Court Building
  • State Life Building


Accommodation Options in Mirpur Khas:

Mirpur Khas not includes luxury hotels, only has budget and mid range hotels. Tourists can reach hotels of Hyderabad city (about 80 kms) for better hospitality services. The best hotels in Mirpur Khas are:

  • Shah Rukh Guest House
  • Hotel City Centre
  • Yasin Hotel
  • Malik Nadeem Hotel
  • Saeed Rehman Peshawari Hotel
  • Mumtaz Hotel
  • Ghausia Hotel
  • Usmania Hotel
  • Hotel Mehran
  • Al-Madina Hotel
  • New Quetta Khan Hotel
  • Bisma Hotel
  • Mirpur Regency Hotel

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