Places to Visit in Faisalabad, Pakistan, Asia

Places to Visit in Faisalabad, Pakistan, Asia

Faisalabad is a city and a district headquarters of the Faisalabad district located in Punjab province.  Faisalabad is known by the name Lyallpur before Pakistan’s Independence in 1947 and is the second largest city after Lahore in Punjab province and third largest city of Pakistan centrally located in the Eastern Punjab province and to the West of Lahore around 150 Km.  The capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad is around 325 Km to the North of Faisalabad.  The city of Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is to the Northwest of Faisalabad around 450 Km.


Faisalabad city is well known for its textile industries and known for the cotton cultivation irrigated by the river Chenab.  The districts of Punjab province of Nankana Sahib and city of Lahore is to the East and the district of Hafizabad and Chiniot in the North and on the west the district of Jhang and on the South by the Sahiwal and Toba Tek Singh districts.


The climate around Faisalabad city is arid, experiences hot summers and cold winters with temperatures rising above 40o and lowering to below 5o during winter. The sparse precipitation occurs during the monsoon season.


History of Faisalabad in Pakistan:


Faisalabad was named Lyallpur after the British architect Sir James Broadwood Lyall who founded the city during the British rule of the Indian sub-continent in late 19th century. The present name Faisalabad is named after Saudi King Faisal in 1977.  The history of Faisalabad is related to the history of Punjab province which was annexed by various dynasties during the turbulent mid centuries and also dating back to the Indus valley civilization.


Food and Culture in Faisalabad in Pakistan:


Punjabi food of wheat products and drink of lassi are popular in Faisalabad with consumption of lot of dairy and meat products.


Faisalabad being a city with majority Islamic followers of Sunni sect, who have settled here from across from the Punjab state of India during the partition in 1947 has strong Punjabi culture.  People are engaged in weaving, agriculture and engaged in garment manufacturing has there are many textile industries that export garments.


Shopping and Things to do in Faisalabad in Pakistan:


Faisalabad being city has many shopping areas and markets that sell various local food stuffs as well as dress materials, leather foot wears and jewelries for special occasions of weddings and festivals.


Faisalabad though a city has no much attraction for the tourists, as only the Clock Tower and the large architectural structures built during the British rule that has been converted into universities by the Pakistan government after the Independence in 1947.  Moreover being an Islamic place the tourists are advised to move with caution when moving around in Faisalabad.


Tourist Attractions in Faisalabad in Pakistan:


Faisalabad is not a tourist place and only watchable are the old structures built during the British era, remains as a tourist attraction.


  • Clock Tower – Built at the centre of the city by British architect Sir James B. Lyall in late 19th


  • University Building – The British mansion built in late 1800s by the British, now housing the Pakistan’s Agriculture University in known for its architectural splendor.


  • Gattwala Forest – Close to the city of Faisalabad is a natural forest park with various flora and fauna.


Connectivity to Faisalabad in Pakistan:


Faisalabad has good network of roads with services of local transports connecting various cities and towns around it such as M3 and M2 Motorways connecting Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar to the Northeast and North.  The Expressway connects Lahore the capital of Punjab province at a distance of 150 Km via the towns of Mananwal and Sheikpura.  The 19th century British built rail network connects Faisalabad with various cities of Pakistan.  Faisalabad international airport at a distance of 20 km has flights to local and international destinations.


Hotel Accommodation in Faisalabad in Pakistan:

Pearl Continental Hotel – Lahore 5*

  • Avari Hotel – Lahore 4*
  • Smart Hotel – Lahore                3*
  • Serena Hotel – 2*
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