Best Tourist Places to Visit in Lanyu, Taiwan, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Lanyu, Taiwan, Asia

Lanyu is also called as an Orchid Island is situated towards the south eastern coast of Taiwan Island. Lanyu is administered as Lanyu Township of Taitung County and this island covers an area of 45 Sq Kms is a volcanic island, this island was inhabited 800 years ago by Tao. Populace of Lanyu depends on agriculture and fishing and this island is used to dump the nuclear waste.

Lanyu is located at the distance of 520 Kms from the capital of Taiwan, Taipei and coordinates of Lanyu are 22.0500° N, 121.5333° E.


Tourism in Lanyu:

Lanyu is an island bounded by waters all the sides and enclosed by mountains and greenery. Tourists visit this island for scuba diving as one can find rare species of aquatic animals like Green Sea Turtle is bounded by Coral reefs and Lanyu is home for various rare plant species and there are more than 30 plant species found in the island.


Food and Culture in Lanyu:

Populace of the Lanyu Island follows various traditional and culture and tourist can come across restaurants and hotels in the city which provides authentic sea food and sea food is one of the major cuisines in the island.


Places to Visit in Lanyu:

Langdao Beach:

This is one of the famed beaches in the Island bounded by mountains and other side by sea and water of the sea is crystal clear and natural surroundings maintains pleasant climate and tourists can view the sunset from the island.


Best time to Visit Lanyu:

Lanyu is famed for scuba diving and climate is pleasant throughout the year and best time to visit Lanyu is between the months of October to March.


How to Reach Lanyu?

By Air:

Lanyu is served by Lanyu Airport the only airport in the island which operates domestic flights to Taitung City in Main Island.


By Sea:

It is well connected through port and there is regular ferry service from Taiwan Island to Orchid Island and ferry to Lanyu is available from Fukang Port, Taitung.



Lanyu is Small Island and tourists can find cars, taxis and motorcycles in the city and roads are well developed in the island.


Where to Stay in Lanyu?

Lanyu is also known as the Orchid Island is famed for tourist destinations but only few hotels are situated in the island and tourists must book the hotel rooms in advance before visiting the Island and hotels in Lanyu cost from $ 30 to $ 150 and above per night with all the basic facilities. Some of the major hotels in Lanyu are listed below:

  • Enhui Mingsu Zijia
  • Sui Yuan Cabins
  • Hong Sheng B&B
  • Mermaid and The Cat Hotel
  • Hiroshi International Hotel
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