Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Taitung, Taiwan, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Taitung, Taiwan, Asia

Taitung is a city in Taitung County in Taiwan in the Republic of China. Taitung is situated towards the south east coast of Taiwan is bounded by the Central Mountain Range and covers an area of 109.769 Sq Kms. Populace of this region depends of agriculture and few small factories are also located in the city and education plays a major role in the development and economy of city.

Taitung is bounded by Beinan, Taimali, Jinfeng, Yanping, Guanshan, Haiduan, Maolin, and Donghe is situated at the distance of 340 Kms from the capital of Taiwan, Taipei and coordinates of Taitung is 22.7583° N, 121.1444° E.


Tourism in Taitung:

Taitung is situated at the mouth of Beinan River and tip of rift valley which keeps the city pleasant throughout the year. Taitung is also bounded by mountain region and welcomes tourists to a terrain of biological prosperity and picturesque beauty and tourists can also take pleasure in cycling passing through the charming farmland and government of Taiwan have developed a cycling track as well. Taitung is home for distinct culture and festivals and vibrant tradition and it is recognized as the “Garden of Taiwan”.


Places to Visit in Taitung:

Museum of Prehistory:

This museum is located in the city displays more than 20,000 stone and ceramic art works belonging to the Peinan culture and this museum is bounded by lush garden area.


Tianhou Temple:

This temple is situated in South of Sihwei in Jhonghua Road is devoted to Mazu, and this temple is elaborately festooned and pretty popular in Taiwan.


Other places to visit in Taitung:

  • Beinan Cultural Park
  • Taitung Railway Art Village
  • Liyushan Park
  • Bombing of Master Han Dan
  • Makapahay
  • Taitung City Bikeway


Food and Culture in Taitung:

Cuisine of Taitung reflects various cultures of Taiwan and neighboring countries and cuisine ranges from Taiwanese, aboriginal and east and Southeast Asian food. There are number of restaurants in the city which serves these cuisines at affordable range. Taitung County has wide range of diverse culture of aboriginal and tourists can buy variety of aboriginal handicrafts from the city.


Best time to Visit Taitung:

Taitung is hilly region and climate is pleasant throughout the year and best time to visit Taitung is between the months of November to April.


How to Reach Taitung?

By Air:

Taitung is served by Taitung Airport situated at the distance of 7 Kms from Taitung city with flights to Taipei, Lyudao and Lanyu. Tourists can get bus and train from airport to Taitung frequently.


By Train:

Taitung is served by Taitung Station located at the distance of 6 Kms from centre of the city, this railway line is operated by Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA), which comes under Hwa Tung Line and South Link Line and this railway line is well connected to different cities and towns in Taiwan.


By Road:

National Highway 9 and 11 connects Taitung to various cities in Taiwan and travelers can get number of buses from various parts of Taiwan to Taitung and other major local transport includes taxis, car, thumb and motorcycle.


Where to Stay in Taitung?

Taitung is bounded by mountains and ocean and one of pleasant sites to visit in Taiwan. Tourists can come across various accommodation facilities in Taitung city and hotel rooms in Taitung city may cost from $ 40 to $ 200 and above per night and provides all the world class facilities to the customers. Some of the prominent hotels in Taitung city are listed below:

  • Luminous Hot Spring & Resort
  • Master Bear Resort
  • Hoya Hot Springs Resort & Spa
  • Formosan Naruwan
  • Papago International Resort
  • Kindness Hotel Taitung
  • Taitung Bali Suites Hotel
  • Green Island Bali Resort
  • Chief Spa Hotel
  • Taitung Cultural Excursion Resort
  • Hawaii Resort Hotel
  • Rainbow Resort
  • Dong Tair Spa Hotel

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