Places to Visit in Zhuhai, China, Asia

Places to Visit in Zhuhai, China, Asia

Zhuhai is sited on the Asian continent along the south coastal region of the country, China. The place is located in Guangdong province. In the year 1980, Zhuhai was declared as Special Economic Zone. The geographical coordinates puts Zhuhai at 22016’37” N and 113034’04” E. Zhuhai spans over an area of 1,653 km2. During summer season the average temperature is 320C and in winter temperature drops to 120C.


History of Zhuhai:

As per historians, Zhuhai was ruled by the Han dynasty in the 3rd century. During the reign the region had salt pans around the Pearl River. In the 8th century the place, Zhuhai became a commercial center. During 1276 to 1279, the place was ruled by Southern Song dynasty. Naval ports where built on the banks of the river Pearl. Later in the year 1410, the Ming dynasty ruled Zhuhai. Overtime the place witnessed the arrival of Portuguese traders on the banks of the river Pearl.

In the year 1980, in order to improve the economy of the region, Zhuhai was declared a Special Economic Zone.


People & Culture of Zhuhai:  

The official language of Zhuhai is Mandrain Chinese. Apart from Mandrain, Teochew, Cantonese, Hokkien, Hunanese and Hakka are spoken among the locals in Zhuhai. English is also spoken in and around the city Zuhai.


Food and Shopping at Zhuhai:

Both continental and non-continental vegetarian and non-continental cuisines are available throughout Zuhai. Rice is the staple food in the region of Zuhai.

There are some well known shopping centers in Zhuhai. Some of the names of shopping centers in Zhuhai are listed below:

  • Zhuhai Duty Free Store
  • Maoye Department Store
  • Tax-Free Shopping Mall
  • Zhuhai Shopping Mall
  • Xiangzhou Department Store


Tourist Places in Zhuhai:  

New Yuan Ming Palace

BUilt during the reign of the Ming dynasty, the Palace spreads over an area of 1.39 km2. The palace is surrounded by Mountains in the east west and north direction.


Dong’ao Island

Located at a distance of 30 km away from Zhuhai in the southeast direction, the island has one of the most beautiful beaches in Zhuhai region.


Flying Sandy Beach

This is one of the most spectacular beaches in the region and covers a length of 600 m. The beach provides tourist a picturesque view of its beautiful scenery.


Huangyang Mountain

Towering to a height of 583 meters, this mountain has its base spread over 30km2.


Jintai Temple

Situated 583 meters high on the Huangyang Mountain is the Jintai Temple dedicated to the worshippers of Buddhism religion. The temple spans a total area of 3,000m2.


Other Places to visit in Zhuhai:

  • Fisher Girl Statue
  • Zhuhai Lover’s Road
  • Ocean Spring Resort
  • Baishi Street
  • Zhuhai Seaside Park


Means of Commutation to Zhuhai:

Zhuhai is well connected through roadways to places within China. There is an expressway highway connecting Zhuhai to Foshan. To counter traffic congestion along the border between Zhuhai and Macau a bridge was created in the year 1999.

Inter city transportation is facilitated by public buses and taxis.

Zhuhai is well connected by rail link to places within China. There are plenty of trains moving to and fro from Zhuhai Railway station to places like Guangzhou and other places in China. The railway station is located close to the border of Macau and Zhuhai.

Zhuhai is well accessed by airways by various places across the globe. The Zhuhai Jinwan Airport International caters to flights arriving and departing to various places in China country and across the world. There is also a helipad named Jiuzhou Heliport which is quiet close to the port for injured people.

Zhuhai is also connected via sea route to nearby places. There are two international ports namely:

  • Jiuzhou seaport
  • Gaolan Seaport

Gaolan port is a commercial port dealing with cargo vessels whereas Jiuzhou Port deals with cruise liners. There is ferry that transports passengers to places like Hong Kong and Shenzhen.


Accommodation Options at Zhuhai:

  • Ocean Spring Metropark Hotel
  • Zhuhai Charming Holiday Hotel
  • Zobon Art Hotel
  • 7 Days Inn(Zhuhai Xiangzhou)
  • Guang Dong Hotel Zhuhai
  • Grand Bay View Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Zhuhai
  • Leisure Hotel
  • Tibet Hotel
  • Kingward International Hotel

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