Tourist Places to Visit in Nanchang, China, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Nanchang, China, Asia

Nanchang is sited on the Asian continent in the southeast region of the country, China. This place is located in the Jiangxi province and forms the center of administration for Jiangxi province. Nanchang is 37 meters above sea level. The geographical coordinates puts Nanchang at 28041’ N and 115053’ E. Nanchang spans over an area of 7,372 km2. During summer season the average temperature is 300C and in winter temperature drops to 5.30C.


History of Nanchang:

According to historians, Nanchang was ruled by the Han dynasty in 201 B.C. it was the headquarters of one of the generals of Emperor Gaozu of Han dynasty. In the 12th century the place prospered far than any in the country of China, under the reign of Sui dynasty. In 959, Nanchang was ruled by the Southern Tang regime and it formed their center of administration.

During the year 1927, the communist party created a series of riots in the region of Nanchang. It formed the base for the communist army who were aided by the Russian communist army officer. The place again bared witness to the war fought against the Japanese invasion. Several railway lines were created after the year 1915 in Nanchang. The place has seen many industrial establishments being opened in the region after the World War II.


People & Culture of Nanchang: 

The people of Nanchang mainly speak Hakka and Gan, along with Mandarin, Huizhou, and Wu.  Most of the locals are followers of the Buddhism religion and Hakka architecture is mainly found in Nanchang.


Food and Shopping at Nanchang:

Nanchang is famed for Jiangxi cuisine which is prepared by using rich and distinctive and very spicy and vegetable cooked in clay pot are mouthwatering.

There are some well known shopping centers in Nanchang. The names of these shopping centers are mentioned below:

  • Nanchang Department Store
  • Vantaa Shopping Square
  • Fortune Plaza
  • Lihua Shopping Mall

Apart from these shopping centers there are other places where one shop for various items at a lower price. The names of these places are:

  • Bayi Square
  • Fuzhou Road
  • North Guangchang Road
  • Shengli Road Pedestrian Street


Tourist Places in Nanchang:

  • Lushan National Park
  • Dragon and Tiger Mountain
  • Jinggang
  • Poyang Lake
  • Autumn Water Square
  • Tengwang Pavilion
  • Nanchang Bayi Square
  • Star of Nanchang
  • Shengjin Tower


Means of Commutation to Nanchang: 

Nanchang is well connected via roadways to places within the country. There are National Highways such as NH 105, NH 320, and NH 316 which connects Nanchang to places like Beijing, Kunming, Zhuhai, Shanghai, Lanzhou and Fuzhou. There are buses commuting travelers to such long distance routes.

Inter city transportation is facilitated by public buses and taxis.

Nanchang is well connected by rail link to places within China. There are daily trains moving from Nanchang Railway station to places like Changsha, Jingjiu, Beijing, Hangzhou, Hukun and Shanghai. There are high speed trains moving to and fro in the above mentioned places and from the Nanchang Changbei International Airport.

Nanchang is well accessed by airways by various places across the globe. The Nanchang Changbei International Airport caters to the flights arriving and departing the airport.

Nanchang is also connected by waterway to mainland China. There are passenger cruisers available at port located in Nanchang, that commute people to places such as Dagu hill, Stone Bel Hill, Tengwang Pavilion, Poyang Lake, Jinggang Shan and some other tourist spots.


Accommodation Options at Nanchang:

Nanchang has some well famous hotels with spa, bar, travel desk, package tours and airport pick up and drop amenities and many extraordinary services and all the requirements are met with affordable budget and hotels in the city cost from $ 10 to $ 200 and above per day. Some of the hotels in Nanchang are listed here below.

  • Bestay Hotel Express (Nanchang Chuanshan Road)
  • Galactic Peace International Hotel
  • Grand Skylight International Hotel
  • Crowne Plaza Nanchang Riverside Hotel
  • Jin Feng Hotel
  • Jiangxi Qianhu Guesthouse
  • The 1st Square Hotel
  • Dongfang Haojing Garden Hotel
  • Jiangxi Hotel
  • Jindu Crown Hotel

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