Places to Visit in Hakodate, Japan, Asia

Places to Visit in Hakodate, Japan, Asia

Hakodate is the capital and the port city of Oshima covering a total area of 677.77 sq kms is well known for Japanese culture, tradition, efficient modes of transport facility and known for presence of some of the finest Universities in Oshima. Hakodate coordinates with 41.46’ degree North Latitude and 140.44’ degree East Longitude.


Hakodate History:

Hakodate city was established in the year 1454 A.D. and the city prospered during the Hoei Era during 1704 AD to 1711 AD as many Buddhist temples and shrines were excavated and found during this period. A major fire broke out in the year 1934 at Hakadote which caused large scale damage to life and property as many residents were killed, injured and rendered homeless.


Tourist attractions in Hakodate:

Hakodate has many places of interest for the tourists to see like;

  • Mount Esan
  • Mount Hakodate
  • Kameda River
  • Matsukura River
  • Hakodate Orthodox Church
  • Motomachi known for churches and fine splendid buildings.
  • Yachigashira Onsen famous for hot natural springs and geysers.
  • Hakodate Ropeway offers some of the best breathtaking view of the city.
  • Kyu Soma-tei is well known for historic sites and ancient architectural buildings.
  • Goryokaku Park
  • Hakodate Bugyosho Museum
  • Goryokaku Tower
  • The Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward
  • Hakodate Horse Racetrack
  • Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse
  • Tachimachi Cape
  • Hakodate Seikan Renrakusen Memorial Museum Mashumaru
  • Trappistine Monasteries
  • Hakodate Hachiman Shrine
  • Hakodateshi Tropical Garden is known for theme parks, gardens and has many amusement rides.
  • Hakodate City Museum Of Literature
  • John’s Church Hakodate


Weather conditions in Hakodate:

Hakodate being lying on the Pacific Ocean has humid subtropical climate round the year. Summers are warm but not too hot and winters remain moderately cold. Hakodate also receives 380 cms of snowfall annually.


Hakodate culture, shopping and food:

Hakodate is rich in Japanese culture and tradition. The city is also well known for some exotic sea foods like Sushi, tuna, squid, salmon, sea urchin and crabs which the daily recipes are prepared by the locals living in Hakodate. Besides rice items, soups and noodles also form the internal cuisine of Hakodate.


How to connect Hakodate in Japan?

Hakodate is well connected by roadways, railways, airways and seaways. Many bus and train services are available from Hakodate to major cities and towns situated in Oshima. Hakodate is also well linked by trains as many fast trains pass via Hakodate Railway Station. Hakodate is also quite well connected by airways as several direct flights are available from Hakodate Airport to many foreign destinations.


Hotels in Hakodate:

Hakodate has some fine exotic hotels ranging from 1 star to 4 star offering wonderful services to the guests taking accommodation facilities in such hotels. The hotels have typical Japanese interiors and serve authentic Japanese menus and dishes. List of hotels located in Hakodate are as follows:

  • Hotel Yunokawa Prince Nagisatei
  • Hakodate Danshaku Club
  • Hotel La Vista Hakodate Bay
  • Winning Hotel
  • HHotel Nets Hakodate
  • Hotel Chisun Grand Hakodate
  • Hotel Comfort
  • Hotel Heiseikan Kaiyotei
  • Hotel Chocolat Hakodate
  • Hotel Kokusia
  • Hotel Loisir

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