Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hangzhou, China, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hangzhou, China, Asia

Hangzhou is sited on the Asian continent in the eastern region of the country, China. This place is located in the Zhejiang province and forms the center of administration for Zhejiang province. The geographical coordinates puts Hangzhou at 30015’ N and 120010’ E. Hangzhou spans over an area of 16,847 km2. During summer season the average temperature is 420C and in winter temperature drops to -100C.


History of Hangzhou:

According to historians, Hangzhou was ruled by the Qin dynasty in 589 A.D. It was then known as Qiantang County. During the period from 907 to 978, Hangzhou formed the center of administration under the rule of the Kingdom Wuyue.  The rulers of the Kingdom Wuyue established trade within the boundaries of entire China country as well as with other dynasties who ruled countries like Khitan Liao, Japan and Korea. During the reign of Tang in most parts of China, a Governor by the name Bai Juyi was appointed to administer the region of Hangzhou. Under his administration lot of developments took place in and around Hangzhou region and the region prospered.

In the year 1123, the entire region was ruled by the Southern Song dynasty and the place Hangzhou was chosen as the center of administration of the Song dynasties Kingdom. The year 1276, saw the invasion of Mongol over the entire region of Hangzhou. The place Hangzhou was then named as Lin’an. Hangzhou was later conquered by the Ming dynasty. The creation of ports began under their reign around the banks of the river and traded with far of countries. With the place was deposited with silt and the port no longer remained.

The then newly formed government of China had Hangzhou under their administration in the year 1928 to 1949. The city then came under the communist administration in the year 1949 on 3rd May.


People & Culture Hangzhou:

Mandarin is the official language spoken in Hangzhou city. Apart from Mandarin, Wu Chinese language is also spoken in Hangzhou. Different religions exist within the region Buddhism, Islam and Jewish and Christians.


Food and Shopping Hangzhou:

Hangzhou regional cuisine is one of the most famed cuisines in China. Both, continental and non-continental cuisines are available throughout Hangzhou. Most of the cuisines are prepared by using pork and seafood rather than beef and lamb and there are restaurants in the city which serves Asian and Western cuisines.


Tourist Places in Hangzhou:

  • West Lake
  • Ling Yin Temple Flying Peak
  • Mausoleum of General Yue Fei
  • China National Silk Museum
  • Six Harmonies Pagoda
  • Hupao Spring
  • Wuzhen Water Town
  • Ancient Town of Xitang
  • Hangzhou Longjing Tea Plantation
  • Grand Canal


Means of Commutation to Hangzhou:


Hangzhou is well accessed by airways from places across the globe. There are flights available from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport caters to flights arrival and departure of various flights.



Hangzhou is well connected via rail links to various places within the country, China. There is a Metro line linking the airport to Hangzhou city. There are daily trains from Hangzhou Railway station to Shanghai and other places in China.



Hangzhou has well connected roadways to places within the country. Express highways link the airport to downtown Hangzhou. There are roads from Hangzhou which leads traffic to places located in the far off distance in the west, south, north and central regions in China.

Inter city transportation is facilitated by taxis, Hangzhou metro, public bus, trolley bus and electric bus.


Accommodation Options at Hangzhou:

Hangzhou has some well prominent hotels, resorts and Inns. Tourists can find abundant of budget, standard and deluxe hotels in this country. amenities of the guest rooms comprise of elegant eiderdown, LCD flat-screen TVs, coffee/tea, cable television, mini-bar, refrigerator, lavatory, room service and more and cost of the rooms may change for hotels to hotels and cost from $ 7 to $ 800 and above per day. Some of the hotels are listed here below:

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