Top Tourist Places to Visit in Suzhou, China, Asia

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Suzhou, China, Asia

Suzhou is sited on the Asian continent in the Eastern region of the country, China in Jiangsu province on the Shore of Taihu Lake. Suzhou is emerging as one of the fastest developing cities that have a presence of many industries and warehouses. The geographical coordinates puts Suzhou at 31.3167° N, 120.6000° E which spans over an area of 8,489 km2.


History of Suzhou:

According to archeologists, civilization existed during the 11th century B.C throughout the region of Suzhou. Suzhou was then known as Gusu and was the capital of Wu. Under the rule of the Qin dynasty, Suzhou was known as Wuxian. After the creation of the Grand Canal, Suzhou became an important route for trading. Another canal was created under the reign of the Tang dynasty in this region. Suzhou was turned to rubbles in the year 1130 by the Jin army invasion. In the year 1275, the city was invaded once again by the Mongols. Suzhou was the capital under the administration of a Rebellion leader who declared himself as the King of Wu. The first emperor of Ming dynasty conquered Wu in the year 1367, after laying seize which lasted for 10 months. The rulers of Ming and Qing dynasty created many magnificent gardens in and around the city. Charles Gordon of the British army defeated the Taiping army in Suzhou place and gained control of the place in the year 1863. The year 1937 marked the entry of Japanese forces throughout the region of Suzhou. After the war ended, rebuilding of the entire place of Suzhou was commenced. The old gardens built during the Ming and Qing dynasty were restored.


Tourist Places in Suzhou:  

Humble Administrator’s Garden

Created in the year 1509 during the reign of the Ming dynasty, this garden spans over an area of 51,950 m2. The garden is divided into three parts: west, central and east each provide amazing views of the surroundings.



Being most popular place in the region for its water township it is sited at a distance of 30 kilometers from the city Suzhou towards the southeast section.


Grand Canal (Suzhou Section)

This canal was created 2400 years ago is one of the oldest man-made Canals on the entire planet. The total length of the canal is 1770 km.


Lingering Garden

Created in the year 1593 during the reign of the Ming dynasty, this garden spans over an area of 23,300 m2. In 1997, UNESCO has listed the place as a world heritage center.


Canglang Pavilion

Created during the rule of Northern Song dynasty, this tourist spot provides a wonderful serenity with lush greenery all around the waterfront.


Other Places to Visit in Suzhou:

  • Garden of the Master of Nets
  • Liu Lingering Garden
  • Pingjiang Road
  • Suzhou Museum
  • Tongli Town
  • Tiger Hill


Means of Commutation to Suzhou:

Suzhou has well connected roadways to places within the country, China. There are expressways and National Highways connecting Suzhou to places like Taicang, Changshu, Kunshan, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Hangzhou.

Inter city transportation is facilitated by public buses, Metro and taxis.

Suzhou has a well connected railway network. There two railway stations in Suzhou

  • Suzhou Railway Station
  • Suzhou North Railway Station

There are high speed trains travelling through these railway stations to places like Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Nantong, Taicang, Changshu, Zhangjiagang and other places within China country.

Suzhou is well connected via airways to places across the globe. The Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport in Shanghai is the closest airports to the place Suzhou.

Suzhou is also connected by water to places like Shimonoseki in Japan, Zhangjiagang, Changsu, Liujiagang and Luzhi.


Accommodation Options at Suzhou:

Being a popular tourist destination in China, Suzhou has some excellent lavishness hotels which offer high degree of comfort to the tourists and tourists who plan to take accommodation in such hotels. Besides providing world class accommodation the hotels also serve exquisite Chinese recipes and cuisines and cost from $ 15 to $ 300 and above per day. List of hotels located in Suzhou are:

  • Crowne Plaza Hotel Suzhou
  • InterContinental Suzhou
  • Marriott Suzhou Hotel
  • Renaissance Suzhou Hotel
  • Shangri-La Hotel Suzhou
  • Garden Hotel (Daichengqiao Road)
  • Kempinski Hotel Suzhou
  • Modena Jinjihu Suzhou
  • Pan Pacific Suzhou
  • Jinji Lake Grand Hotel

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