Shamkir Tourist Places to Visit in Shamkir, Azerbaijan, Asia

Shamkir Tourist Places to Visit in Shamkir, Azerbaijan, Asia

Shamkir is the capital city of Shamkir Rayon in Azerbaijan situated on the banks of Chagirchay River. It is the eight biggest city of Azerbaijan as far as the population is concerned. Shamkir is situated about 400 kms from the national capital Baku.

Poultry, cattle breeding and silkworm breeding are the major economy sources of Shamkir and also the city houses few cognac and wine plants. The agricultural products grown in the regions of Shamkir Rayon include barley, corn, wheat grapes, onion, cabbage, potato, tomato, sunflower, cucumber and aborigine.

Geography of Shamkir:

Shamkir is positioned in the northern foothills of the Lesser Caucasus at the coordinates of 40°49′47″ N 46°01′08″ E.

Shamkir is spread over an area of 1,660 sq. km. at average altitude of 450 meters.

Shamkir Rayon is surrounded by Gadabay, Dashkasan, Samukh, Goygol and Tovuz rayons.


History of Shamkir:

Shamkir was earlier known as Shamkhor and was renamed Shamkir in the year 1991 after the re-establishment of independence of Azerbaijan.

It is believed that, Shamkhor got its name from two Persian words ‘shams’ means ‘sun’ and ‘kur’ means ‘relaying’.Shamkir city was established in the year 1944.


Connectivity to Shamkir:

Shamkir is catered by Ganja International Airport with regular flights to Baku, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Domodedovo, Istanbul, Ataturk, Tyumen, Vnukovo and St Petersburg, served by Azerbaijan Airlines, Moskovia Airlines, Turkish Airlines and other major airlines. This airport is about 35 kms away from the heart of the Shamkir city.

The railway station of Shamkir is located at Dallar or Dallyar, about 4 kms away from Shamkir city and Ganja Central Railway Station is about 40 kms away.

Buses are available with good frequency from Shamkir City Bus Station and minibus and taxis are also good to travel within the city.


Food and Shopping in Shamkir:

Shamkir hosts numerous small restaurants offer variety of kebabs and traditional foods of Azerbaijan at affordable prices. Tourists can also taste some different teas.

Shamkir is one of the developing cities of Azerbaijan houses many branded cloth and shoe centres. Also the city is home to numerous shopping complexes and retail outlets as well.


Places to visit in Shamkir:


Shamkir Church:

Shamkir Church was constructed by German settlers during the beginning of 20th century.


Bottle House:

Bottle House is one of the special houses in Ganja, built using glass bottles.


Tomb of Nizami:

Tomb of Nizami is located few kilometers away from Ganja city. It was built in the honor of one of the famous Persian poets.


Javad khan Tomb:

Javad Khan Tomb was built in the remembrance of renowned local person Javad Khan.


Shah Abbas Mosque:

Shah Abbas Mosque was constructed to mark the freedom of Ganja from Osman Empire during 15th century.


Other tourist attractions near Shamkir include:

  • Shamkir Bridge
  • Shamkir Fortress
  • Maiden Tower
  • Koroglu fortress
  • Pir monument
  • Victory Complex
  • Qalaboynu Fortress
  • The Diyarshunasliq Museum
  • Central Museum
  • Medieval Bath
  • Karvansaray
  • Imam Zade


Best time to visit Shamkir:

Between May and September is the ideal time to visit Shamkir.


Accommodation Options in Shamkir:

All the major hotels of Shamkir offer TV, fridge, private bathroom, hot water, WIFI internet access and 24 hour room services. Hotels in Shamkir, Ganja, Goranboy and other nearby regions are as follows:

  • Ganja Hotel
  • Lyuks Hotel
  • My Way Hotel
  • Ramada Plaza Gence
  • El Hotel
  • Helenendorf Hotel
  • Avan Marak Tsapatagh Hotel
  • Mayisyan Kamurj Hotel
  • Chinar Hotel & Spa
  • Kur Hotel
  • Hotel Artsvaberd
  • Hotel Eclectic
  • Hotel Tsovin Kar

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