Kobe Tourist Places to Visit in Kobe, Japan, Asia

Kobe Tourist Places to Visit in Kobe, Japan, Asia

Kobe is a city located in Hyogo Prefecture in Kansai region stretching over 552.26 sq kms is the 5th largest city in Japan lying on the southern part of Honshu Island. Kobe is approx 30 kms from Osaka is one of the fastest emerging cities comprising of good rapid modes of infrastructure, business centers and heavy industries and serves as 4th busiest port in Japan. Kobe coordinates with 34.41’ degree North Latitude and 135.11’ degree East Longitude.


Kobe History:

During 13th century, Kobe was center of trade during Kamakura Period as it was bustling with business activities with China and other countries. Kobe was also a part of Edo Era which fell under the jurisdiction of Amagasaki Domain. Kobe was actually founded in the year 1889 but became a target by US Navy who bombed the city in 1945 resulting in heavy loss of life and property. In the year 1995, a major earthquake measuring 7.2 on Richter Scale rattled Kobe which suffered huge loss of life and property as many people were killed and thousands were rendered homeless.


Places of Interest in Kobe:

Kobe has lots to offer for the visiting tourists like;



Mount Maya:

This is one of the major tourist attractions in Kobe which draws many visitors from other countries. Tourists can have an awesome view of the city of Kobe from mountain top which is a wonderful experience.


Mount Rokko:

This is another spectacular place to be in Kobe from where the tourists can have a magnificent view of the sunset and sunrise from top of Mount Rokko.


Kobe City Zoo:

The zoo is an excellent place to hang out for the tourists which houses many species of wild animals, endangered animals, reptiles, birds and snakes.


Kobe Marine Aquarium:

The aquarium has some finest collections of fishes and marine creatures which attracts many local as well as international tourists all round the year.


Kobe Botanical Gardens:

The Botanical gardens offers an amazing experience to the tourists is bound by lush flora and fauna. One can also notice many seasonal and medicinal trees and plants in the gardens.


Other places of attractions in Kobe are:

  • Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden & Ropeway
  • Rokko Garden Terrace
  • Meriken Park
  • Kobe City Museum
  • Nunobiki Falls (Nunobiki-No-Taki)
  • Kobe City Hall (Observation Deck)
  • Suma Rikyu Park
  • Kobe Art Museum


Culture, food and shopping in Kobe:

Tourists can enjoy sumptuous cuisines and dishes while at Kobe and tourists can enjoy wide range of sea foods ranging from typical Japanese sushi to tofu, mackerel, tuna, whale meat, shark meat, squids, jellyfish, eels, octopus and lobsters. They can also try the traditional rice items, noodles and soups. Kobe is also well known for its fashion center and major festival like Kobe Jazz festival is held in month of October. Kobe is also famous for conducting many sporting activities like baseball, soccer, football, rugby, volleyball and wrestling.


How to reach Kobe in Japan?

Kobe is well connected by roadways, railways and airways quite effectively. Many highways and expressways link Kobe to other major cities in Japan. Kobe is also linked by hanging bridge which is known to be the longest suspension bridge in the world. Kobe is also nicely networked by railways which run trains which touch a maximum speed of 300 kms per hour connecting Kobe with Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama and other major cities. The nearest major airport is the Osaka International Airport is located about 32 kms from Kobe has direct air links to many countries across the globe.


Hotels in Kobe:

Kobe has some fine hotels providing world class accommodations to the tourists visiting the place from time to time. Hotels in Kobe show all warmth and hospitality towards the tourists taking accommodations in such hotels. Hotels range from 1 star to 7 star and the tariffs range from hotel to hotel. Some of the facilities provided by the hotels include spa, sauna, hot steam baths, room heaters, laundry services, staffs for entertainment, facilities and extra care being given to physically challenged guests, airport shuttle etc. List of hotels located in Kobe is as follows:

  • Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland
  • Hotel Piena Kobe
  • Hotel Okura Kobe
  • Kobe Portopia Hotel
  • Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel
  • Hotel Maiko Villa Kobe
  • Oriental Hotel
  • Hotel de Maya
  • Hotel Monterey Amalie
  • ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe

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