Tourist Places to Visit in Gifu, Chubu, Japan

Tourist Places to Visit in Gifu, Chubu, Japan

Gifu is situated in Chubu region extending to an area of 202.89 sq kms is situated in south-central Japan. The city lies on the banks of river Nagara and is rich in natural resources. Gifu has good transport connectivity, better infrastructure facilities and known for reputed colleges, schools and Universities. Gifu coordinates with 35.25’ degree North Latitude and 136.46’ degree East Longitude.


History of Gifu:

Historical evidences have revealed that Gifu existed during the pre-historic era as two archaeological sites have been discovered in recent times. Gifu came under the rule of Sengoku Period between 15th to 17th century. Gifu was under the rule of Toki clan for over 200 years. During the World War II in 1940, Gifu came under severe bombing by the US Air Forces which resulted in many casualties for the civilians.


Tourist attractions in Gifu:

Cormorant fishing:

Cormorant fishing is one of the major tourist attractions in Gifu which takes place on river Nagara dating back to more than 1300 years. The main attraction that forms this fishing is 6 fishing masters venture down the river at same time to get a catch of sweetfish. Many tourists visit the place at this point of time which usually lasts from May to October.

Gifu Museum:

The tourists can visit the Gifu Museum which has large collection of many antiques, artifacts, paintings and reveals about the culture and tradition of Japan.


Gifu Art Museum:

The Art museum displays the works dedicated by brothers Eizo and Toichi Kato who were famous artists basically native of Gifu. Many tourists both local and international come to visit the museum throughout the year.


Nawa Insect Museum:

Nawa Insect Museum displays some of the rarest species of insects that provides the tourists a closeup view of the insects and their world.


Gifu Park:

This is one of the major tourist attractions in the city that has a museum, mini pond, a waterfall and planted with cherry trees.


Mount Kinka:

Mount Kinka lies adjacent to Gifu Park located at 1079 feet above sea level on the banks of river Nagara draws many tourists from all parts of the country.


Bairin Park:

The park is well known for over 50 types of plum trees in a range of colors from white to dark pink that blooms during spring time. Many tourists visit the park during spring time.


Mount Dodo:

This is one of the tallest mountain ranges in Gifu located 1371 feet above sea level is an ideal spot for the tourists to undertake trekking, mountaineering and hiking. The tourists can also have a good view of river Nagara and Mount Haku from Mount Dodo which offers an enchanting and spectacular view.


Gifu Castle:

This is one of the ancient castles located in city of Gifu situated atop Mount Kinka built by Nikaido clan during Kamakura Period. The castle has large collection of many artifacts, paintings depecting Japanese origin, culture and people. It also offers a panoramic view of the city of Gifu from top of the mountain.


Other attractions include:

  • Kikasan Observatory Tower
  • Gifu Shouhouji Daibutsu (temple dedicated to lord Buddha).
  • Gold Statue of Nobunaga Oda
  • Nagaragawa Onsen
  • Toyo Kenko Land
  • Nagaragawa Ukai Museum
  • Gifu City Womens College
  • Gifu Pharmaceutical University

Connectivity to Gifu in Japan:

Gifu is well connected by road, rail and air means of transport. Gifu is excellently connected by several highways like Route 21, 22, 156, 157, 248 and 303. Gifu is also well connected by railways as many fast bullet trains pass via Gifu station at frequent intervals. Gifu is also networked by local as well as intercity buses which originate from Gifu and connect cities like Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and Shinjuku in Tokyo. One can also take the streetcar from Gifu to nearby cities and towns.


Accommodation options in Gifu:

Gifu being one of the major tourist destinations in Japan has plenty to offer for the tourists visiting the place from time and again to have a glimpse of some of the best monuments, temples and parks located in Gifu. The tourists can select a hotel of their choice based on their budget, needs and requirements. Tourists can take accommodation for short term stay as well as long term stay in such hotels. They can also book the hotels well in advance prior to visiting the city through online bookings. List of some of the hotels located in Gufi are:

  • Hotel II Credo Gifu
  • Nissho Sun Hotel
  • Hotel Washington Plaza
  • Hotel Sports Palko
  • Gifu Miyako Hotel
  • Hotel Daiwa Roynet
  • Hotel Toyoko Inn
  • Hotel Park
  • Hotel Resol
  • Gifu Green Hotel
  • Hotel Inuyama Miyako
  • Silk Hotel

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