Kanagawa Tourist Places to Visit in Kanagawa, Japan, Asia

Kanagawa Tourist Places to Visit in Kanagawa, Japan, Asia

Kanagawa is situated in south Kanto region of Japan covering a total area of 2415.84 sq kms and is one of the bustling cities in this part of the country. Kanagawa is well known for its good transportation system, adequate infrastructure facilities, reputed universities, colleges, schools, shopping, culture and tourism. Kanagawa coordinates with 35.26’51” degree North Latitude and 139.38’32” degree East Longitude.


History of Kanagawa:

It is said that the region of Kanagawa existed around 400 B.C. and the place was ruled by Yamato Dynasty during 5th century. It is believed that the place was also under the rule of Edo Dynasty for quite some time. Kanagawa came under severe bombing by the US Army in the year 1945 which resulted in many losses of life and property and casualties.


Places of attractions in Kanagawa:

Sankeien Gardens:

They are well known for gardens and parks bound by lush greenery and abundant availability of natural air. Many local as well as international tourists visit the garden all round the year.

 Nogeyama Zoo:

This is one of the most widely visited zoos in Kanagawa which houses some of the rare species of wild animals, birds, marine creatures and reptiles.


Yokohama Landmark Tower Sky Garden:

This is one of the tallest structures located in Kanagawa where the tourists can have a magnificent bird’s eye view of the city of Yokohama from the observation tower or the deck.


Yamashita Park:

This park is one of the most well known tourist spots in Kanagawa well known for natural scenic beauty which has a mini pond and attracts many visitors. It is Japan’s first western garden located in this part of the region.


Yamate Italian Garden:

The gardens are known for their lush greenery, bound by trees and many botanical plants is visited by thousands of local as well as international tourists.


Landmark Tower:

Landmark Tower is famous for its malls, shops and is considered to be one of the busiest shopping centers in Kanagawa. It is known as the tallest building in Japan which has the world’s fastest elevator.


Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise:

This is well known for aquariums with some of the finest collections of marine creatures, fishes and reptiles that attract many visitors throughout the year.


Other attractions include:

  • Kishamichi Promenade
  • Cupnoodles Museum
  • Yokohama Bay Bridge
  • Yokohama Museum of Art
  • Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street
  • Harbor View Park
  • Japan Coast Guard Museum Yokohama


Culture, cuisine, shopping in Kanagawa:

Kanagawa is very rich in its culture, tradition, food and shopping that enthralls the tourists who visit the city from time to time. Tourists can shop at the shopping centers and malls located in city of Yokohama for many consumer durables, electronics, garments, leather etc. Tourists can also have a taste of exotic Japanese cuisines which serve varied kinds of sea foods like sushi, octopus, shark meat, lobsters, prawns, tuna etc which tastes delicious. Kanagawa is also known for conducting many events and festivals like Tama River Firework event, Yokohama Port Anniversary Festival, Kamakura festival which is held in April, Yugawara Kifune festival held in month of July which draws many local as well as foreign tourists who throng the place to witness such grand spectacular events.


Transportation and connectivity to Kanagawa in Japan:

Kanagawa is well connected by all modes of transport like road, rail, air and sea. Kanagawa is well connected by Expressways and National Highways like Route 1, 15, 16, 132, 133, 134 etc. It is also well linked by rail modes of transport which connects Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki and other major cities. Kanagawa is also connected by port which connects to other busy ports in Japan. Kanagawa is about 36 kms from Tokyo city which has direct air links to many destinations worldwide at frequent intervals.


Hotels in Kanagawa:

Being a popular tourist destination in Japan, Kanagawa is renowned for many ultra luxury hotels that provide good decent accommodation services to the tourists making hotel reservations. The hotels provide world class services like 24 hrs help desk, free internet connections, breakfast, airport shuttle, spa and sauna, serve authentic Japanese cuisines and much more. List of hotels located in Kanagawa are:

  • Yokohama Royal Park Hotel
  • Yokohama Bay Hotel
  • Hotel Associa Shin-Yokohama
  • Hotel Monterey Yokohama
  • Hotel Sotetsu Fresa Inn Yokohama Totsuka
  • Rose Hotel Yokohama
  • Daiwa Roynet Hotel Yokohama Kannai
  • New Grand Hotel
  • Richmond Hotel Yokohama Bashamichi
  • Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel and Towers
  • New Otani Inn Yokohama

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