Best Tourist Places to Visit in Yiwu, China, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Yiwu, China, Asia

Yiwu is sited on the Asian continent in the eastern central region of the country, China. The place is located in the Zhejiang province. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 29032’04” N and 120006’00” E. Yiwu spans over an area of 1,102 km2. During summer season the average temperature is 350C and in winter temperature drops to 50C.


History of Yiwu:

According to archeologists civilization existed 4000 B.C. During the reign of Tang dynasty the place was an important sea port for trading. When the Song dynasty ruled Yiwu the Arabs began to trade with the Chinese.

At the time of the Ming dynasty rule in China, Yiwu witnessed the first entry of European traders, the Portuguese, land on the shores in the year 1522. Trade flourished between the Chinese and the Portuguese. Land was granted to the Portuguese in areas within Yiwu. The Portuguese population grew over time in Yiwu and in the year 1542 the Portuguese began to commit atrocities on the Chinese people in and around the region of Yiwu. In 1545 the then existing Imperial ruler of the Ming dynasty along with his troops entered the region Yiwu and drove away the Portuguese from the region.

When China was under the rule of the Qing dynasty, the Chinese traded with the British. The year 1942, sparked the First Opium War the Chinese and British. In this period the British captured the place Yiwu and had it under their possession. In the year 1940, Yiwu region witnessed the effects of World War II with Japan conducting a series of bombing in the region.


People & Culture of Yiwu:

The language spoken by the local people in Yiwu is related to the Taihu Wu language. Apart from this language, Mingzhou, Mandarin and Shanghainese are some of the other forms of Chinese languages spoken in Yiwu. The official language of Yiwu is the Mandarin Chinese. Most of the people at Yiwu are followers of Buddhism, Jewish, Islam or Christian religion.


Food and Shopping at Yiwu:

Both, continental and non-continental vegetarian and non-continental cuisines are available throughout Yiwu. Rice and Fish is the staple food of the Yiwu.


Tourist Places in Yiwu:

Shuanglin Temple and Shuanglin Iron Pagoda

Located in Fotang town at the base of Yunhuang Mountain, the temple was constructed in 952 A.D under the reign of Zhu Hongji.  Overtime, the temple underwent renovation.


Octagon Hall of Huangshan

This Hall is located at a distance of 25km from Yiwu in the west direction. It took 18 long years to complete the construction. The construction of this hall commenced in 1813 and the Hall covers an area of 3000 m2.


Desheng Cliff

Towering at a height of 381 meters this cliff is also known as Chou Cliff. A temple built during the Yuan dynasty still exists on this cliff.


Other Places to visit in Yiwu:

  • Yiwu International Trade City
  • Jinhua Qilu Mountain
  • Yiwu Museum
  • Foyun Mountain


Means of Commutation to Yiwu:

Yiwu is well connected by roadways to places within the country. There are expressways connecting Yiwu to major places within China like Taizhou, Jintang, Shangai, Xiangshan, Wenzhou, Jinhua and other western regions near Yiwu city.

Inter city transportation is facilitated by public buses and taxis.

Yiwu is well connected by rail link to places within China. There are plenty of trains moving to and fro from Yiwu Railway station to places like Changsha, Yongtaiwen, Xiaoshan, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Wenzhou and Taizhou. There is also high speed railway which connects Yiwu to places like Taizhou, Kunming, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Fujian province and places in the coastal region.

Yiwu is well accessed by airways to various places across the globe. The Ningbo Lishe International Airport located at a distance of 173 km from Yiwu is the nearest international airport and caters to flights arriving and departing to various places in China country and across the world.


Accommodation Options at Yiwu:

  • Kingdom Hotel
  • Jinjiang Inn
  • Budgetel Huadu Hotel
  • Bali Plaza Hotel
  • Tian Heng International Hotel
  • Yihe Hotel
  • Yimei Plaza Hotel
  • Ramada Plaza Yiwu
  • Yiwu Ssaw Hotel
  • Ssaw Hotel
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