Tourist Places to Visit in Al Karak, Jordan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Al Karak, Jordan, Asia

Al Karak is a city in Jordan and there are various mountains in this region and Al Karak is also called as Kerak. Al Karak is highly inhabited by Christian community is situated on the King’s Highway and populace of this region depends on small scale industries located in and around the city and commercial sector plays an important role in the economy of the city.

Al Karak is bounded by Al Qatrana, Suwaqa Al Ghabiya, Al Hasa, Al Mazraa, Safi, Feifa and Al Zimayla and Al Karak is located at the distance of 130 Kms from capital of Jordan, Amman. Zip code of Al Karak is 11512 and coordinates are 31.1833° N, 35.7000° E.


History of Al Karak:

Al Karak was colonized since Iron Age and was the important region of Moabites. In the year 1132, Al Karak was ruled by King Fulk on the River of Jordan and the Dead Sea and during his rule he constructed the Castle on a hill called Crudaders Petra Deserti. This region was attacked and threatened by Saladin’s armies and in the year 1188, he surrendered to King Saladin. Al-Adil, younger brother of Saladin was the governor of this region till it became the part of Egypt and Syria in the year 1199. Later it was ruled by Mamluk Sultanate but in the year 1389 Barquq was exiled to Al Karak before returning to Cairo.


Tourism in Al Karak:

Al Karak is a city in Jordan and surrounded by mountain region and on other side it is situated on the banks of Dead Sea and tourists can visit the famed Crusader castle in the city which is constructed on the mount and tourists from various parts of Middle East visit this city throughout the year, to know the history and see the historical castle. Populace of this region speaks Arabic and English.


Places to visit in Al Karak:

Citadel of Kerak:

This crusader was constructed around 500 year ago and was destroyed by Saladin and after 500 years, this citadel was renovated but couldn’t replace its old charm. It is visited by number of tourists throughout the year.


Karak Archaeological Museum:

This museum displays the local history and archeology of Kerak and history of Muslim dynasty of Kerak city is located in the lower court of the castle.


Other places to visit in Al Karak:

  • West Front
  • Outer walls
  • The Church


Food and culture of Al Karak:

Al Karak serves the famed traditional cuisine called as mansaf and there are various hotels and restaurants in Al Karak which serves various delicious foods.


Best time to visit Al Karak:

Al Karak is blessed with moderate climate throughout the year and best time to visit Al Karak is between the months of November to March.


How to Reach Al Karak?

By Air:

Queen Alia International Airport is the major airport in Jordan located at the distance of 98 Kms from Al Karak and this airport is connected to various cities in Middle East and other countries in the world like London, Heathrow, Cairo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Frankfurt, Doha, Khartoum, Algiers and Sharjah.


By Road:

There are number of buses available in the city from major bus stations and tourists can reach to various parts of Jordan. Other local transport in the city includes rental car, taxi, and bus.


Hotels in Al Karak:

Al Karak is also called as Kerak is famous for its Crusader castle Kerak and only few hotels are available in Kerak city which offers good facilities to customers and all the hotels in Al Karak provides free breakfast and rooms in Al Karak may cost from $ 20 to $ 150 and above per night. Some of the major hotels in Al Karak are listed here below:

  • Winter Valley Warwick Resort & Spa
  • Karak Rest House
  • Cairwan Hotel
  • Al-Kemmam Hotel
  • Al-Mujeb Hotel
  • Towers Castle Hotel
  • Dana Hotel
  • The New Hotel

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