Maan Tourist Places to Visit in Maan, Jordan, Asia

Maan Tourist Places to Visit in Maan, Jordan, Asia

Maan is located in the southern part of Jordan and Maan is a capital city of Maan Governorate. Maan is located close to Petra and Aqaba cities and Al-Hussein Bin Talal University is the only university in Maan Governorate which offers various courses to students. Maan Governorate has established the industrial zone in the city for better economy.

Maan is surrounded by Petra, Aqaba, Quweira, Jurf Al Daraish, Al Hasa and Karak located at the distance of 225 Kms from capital of Jordan, Amman and located 117 from the coastal town Aqaba. Zip code of Maan is 71110 and coordinates are 42.35806° N 71.06361° W.


History of Maan:

Maan was established by Minaeans, an ancient Arab people and the region was situated on the major trade route. In the early era this region was ruled by Byzantine, Arab Christian, and Islam. During the Islam period this region prospered but later it was ruined when Yaqut al-Hamawi visited in 13th century and during the rule of Bahri Mamluks the region was developed and it gradually developed into a small town. During the Ottoman rule they tried to capture the town but failed several times, but in the year 1868 the governor of Ottoman, Rashid Pasha captured the town and various battle were found between server emperors to retain the Maan town.


Tourism in Maan:

There are only few places to visit in Maan but this city is surrounded by several historical monuments and tourists visit this site throughout the year. Tourists can buy from various antique goods in the city and there are number of restaurants in the city which offers authentic cuisine and tourists visiting Maan should taste the local cuisine.


Places to visit in Maan:


Siq is located in Petra and a town in Maan city located at the distance of 20 Kms from centre of the city and the very tall rock face that soar over are fairly stunning and magnificent.


High Place via Wadi Farasa:

Located at the top of cliff, tourists should hike to reach the top of mount and from top of the mount visitors can view the incredible carving and stunning views of surroundings.


Shobak Castle:

It is one the best place to visit in Maan and this castle is located on the mount top and thousands of tourists from all over the world visit this castle.


Byzantine Church:

This church is located few Kms away from Petra and tourists can view the stunning carving and the mosaics in and around the region.


Best time to visit Maan:

Summer is very hot in this region and winter is moderate with rain fall during the winter season, best time to visit is during the summer season.


How to Reach Maan?

By Air:

King Hussein International Airport is the nearest airport to Maan city and located at the distance of 121 Kms from the city and connects to several cities in Middle East and other counties and this airport mainly connects to European countries.


By Road:

Maan has well urbanized transportation services and there are number of buses obtainable in the city from main bus stations and tourists can reach to various parts of Jordan by boarding bus. Other local transport in the city includes rental car, taxi, and bus.


Hotels in Maan:

Maan is located between Petra and Aqaba which are famed tourist destinations in Jordan and plenty of hotels are located in Maan city and hotels in this city offers various facilities to tourists and some hotels offer attractive tour packages to several tourist destinations. Hotels in Maan may cost from $ 20 to $ 150 and above per night. Some of the major hotels in and around Maan are listed below:


  • Taybet Zaman
  • Petra Marriott Hotel
  • Moevenpick Resort
  • Kings’ Way Hotel
  • Grand View Hotel
  • Petra Panorama Hotel
  • Hidab Hotel
  • Sella Hotel
  • La Maison Hotel
  • Alanbat Hotel
  • Diamond Hotel
  • Candles Hotel

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