Tourist Places to Visit in Green Island, Taiwan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Green Island, Taiwan, Asia

Green Island is a small Island in Taiwan and a volcanic island in Pacific Ocean towards the eastern part of Taiwan. Green Island covers an area of 15.092 Sq Kms is the 4th largest island in Taiwan well-known for the prisons in Taiwan and there are few villages in the island and officially it is called as the Green Island Village. Green Island is located at the distance of 375 Kms from the capital of Taiwan, Taipei and coordinates of Green Island is 22.6667° N, 121.483° E.


History of Green Island:

Green Island was inhabited by Amis Taiwanese aborigines and was named as Sanasai but in the year 1949, the name was changed to Green Island by the Magistrate of Taitung, Huang Shih-hung. Dollar Steamship Company in the year 1937 stared the rescue the populace from the island.


Tourism in Green Island:

Green Island is bounded by stunning coral reefs that make it a snorkeler delight and it offers sightseers and expats in Taiwan a large escape choice with fantastic snorkeling and diving selections. Green Island has various other tourist attractions and tourists from Japan and China visit this island throughout the year.


Food and Culture in Green Island:

There are number of small and big restaurants in the island which offers various delicious Chinese and Taiwanese cuisines and local food is deer meat. Populace of this region mainly speaks Taiwanese Hokkien and Mandarin Chinese is spoken by few populaces and English is spoken by younger populace.


Places to Visit in Green Island:

Green Island Lighthouse:

This light house was constructed in the year 1938 by the local islanders and was designed by the Japanese engineers and money was donated by the American Red Cross and this light house is located in Zhongliao village.


Zhaori Saltwater Hot Spring:

This hot water spring is well known among the tourists and tourists from all over the country visit this sport and tourists will take bath in the spring under the star at night.


Other Places to Visit in Green Island:

  • Green Island Park
  • General Rock
  • Gateway Rock
  • Guanyin Cave
  • Youzi Lake
  • Pekinese Dog Rocks
  • Sleeping Beauty Rock
  • Sail Cape
  • Black Ghost Cave

Best time to Visit Green Island:

Green Island major tourist destination in Taiwan and famed for scuba diving and best time to visit Green Island is between the months of April to November.


How to Reach Green Island?

By Air:

Green Island is served by Lyudao Airport, also called as Green Island Airport is situated in Lvdao Town and this airport operates only domestic flights to Taitung city in Taiwan and taxis and cabs are available from airport to major hotels.


By Sea:

Green Island is served by port and number of ferries ply from various parts of Taiwan city to Green Island frequently and the best way to get into the city.


By Road:

There are well developed roads in the island and one can find taxis, bus and car to get around the city.


Where to Stay in Green Island?

Green Island is one of the famed tourist destination for scuba diving and there are plenty of hotels situated in the city which cost from $ 50 to $ 200 and above per night and hotels in Green Island offers tourist packages as well. Some of the prominent hotels in Green Island are listed below:

  • Papago International Resort
  • Green Island Bali Resort
  • Formosan Naruwan
  • Luminous Hot Spring & Resort
  • Master Bear Resort
  • Hoya Hot Springs Resort & Spa
  • Taitung Bali Suites Hotel
  • Taitung Dulan Red House B&B
  • Lehuo Shoudo Moli Homestay
  • Love to Longguomai B&B
  • Rainbow Resort
  • Dong Tair Spa Hotel
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