Tourist Places to Visit in Penghu, Taiwan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Penghu, Taiwan, Asia

Penghu is an island located towards the western part of Taiwan and this island is also known as Pescadores. Penghu Island comprises of 64 small islands and covers an area of 141 Sq Kms and populace of the island depend on fishing for their living and tourism also plays an important role in the development of the economy. Penghu is bounded by Xiyu, Huxi and Baisha and Penghu is the capital of the Island and coordinates of Penghu is 23.5833° N, 119.5833° E.


History of Penghu:

Penghu was inhabited around 5,000 years ago and in the 9th and 10th centuries the Han Chinese from Fujian established the fishing communities on the islands but in 15th century the islands was banned for fishing, later in 16th century fishing community was reestablished in the islands. Koxinga Kingdom and Qing Dynasty ruled the region from 17th century till the year 1895. Later it was ruled by China and Japan and during the rule; many wars were fought between Japan and China to capture the islands. As per the Cairo Declaration in the year 1943 all the territories which was captured by Japanese was returned to Republic of China.


Tourism in Penghu:

Penghu is recognized as the treasure of the Taiwan Strait and the clear water of Penghu Bay and strong winter winds have put Penghu on the map as an international hot spot for competitive sailing. Penghu is renowned for its striking beaches, magnificent shrines and surplus of customary Chinese fashion homes and charming cliffs around the Penghu makes it one of the renowned sites to visit in Taiwan.


Food and Culture in Penghu:

Penghu is famed for wide range of local cuisine quite expensive and tourists can eat from wide range of snacks, desserts and there are few western style foods joints in the island.


Places to visit in Penghu:

Whale Cave:

This cave is situated in Xiaomen Island in Penghu Island and cave has the largest hole in a gnarled columnar basalt shape and it is bounded by the natural scenery.


Penghu Queen of Heaven Temple:

This temple is also called as Tianhou Temple is located in Magong was constructed in the year 1592 is the oldest temple of Taiwan. This temple is visited by number of devotees from all over the country.


Wangan Island:

Wangan Island is home for various geological landscapes and accredited as the renowned geological park in Penghu.

Other Places to visit in Penghu:

  • Shuncheng Gate Temple
  • Xiyu Western Fort
  • Penghu Aquarium
  • Lintou Park
  • Penghu National Scenic Area
  • Tongliang Banyan
  • Shili Beach
  • Yuweng Island Lighthouse


Best time to Visit Penghu:

Penghu is an Island and best time to visit Penghu Island is between the months of March to November.


How to Reach Penghu?

By Air:

Penghu is served by Magong Airport located few Kms from the Penghu city and this airport is connected to various cities like Taichung, Jiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Taipei and Jinmen Island.


By Sea:

Penghu is served by Penghu Port and tourists can find number of ferries plying to Penghu Island from various ports in Taiwan during the summer season.


Where to Stay in Penghu?

Penghu is an Island in Taiwan and this island is one of the prominent tourist destinations and tourists can find plenty of staying accommodations in Penghu Island and hotels in this island cost from $ 50 to $ 150 and above per night. Some of the prominent hotels in Penghu are listed below:

  • Seng-Kuo Hotel
  • Yentai Hotel
  • Foung Jia Hotel
  • Ya Ling Hotel
  • Han Xiang Ju Home Stay
  • Bay of Chen-Hai Penghu Homestay
  • Festival Hotel
  • Royal Hotel
  • King Lin Hotel
  • Ocean House
  • Hotel Ever Spring
  • Raid Garden Boutique Hotel
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