Kinmen Tourist Places to Visit in Kinmen, Taiwan, Asia

Kinmen Tourist Places to Visit in Kinmen, Taiwan, Asia

Kinmen is a small archipelago of numerous islands in Taiwan administrated by the Republic of China. Economy of Kinmen depends on tourists is located just 3 Kms away from the Xiamen city in China and Kinmen is mainly occupied by the Chinese populace. Kinmen covers an area of 153.056 Sq Kms and the largest city in Kinmen is Jincheng.

Kinmen Island is bounded by Dadengzhen, Tuyu Island, Huli, Xiamen, Simling, Xiaodeng and Dadan Island and Kinmen is located at the distance of 335 Kms from the capital of Taiwan, Taipei and coordinates of Kinmen is 24.4400° N, 118.3300° E.


Tourism in Kinmen:

Kinmen is a small island located close to China border and a stunning island in Taiwan bounded by greenery and mountains. Kinmen is a historical island and there are number of monuments located in the island and there is a national park very famous among the Taiwan and China tourists. Beaches are clean and spotless and tourist can take pleasure in swimming and aquatic activities.


Places to Visit in Kinmen:

Wind Lion Gods:

These are exclusive statues in Kinmen Island and these statues can be found all over the island and park is named after the statue near ShangYi Airport.

Kinmen cultural village:

Kinmen cultural village is one of the ideal sites to visit in the island and there are walls on which stories engraved and this site is well maintained and was constructed in the year 1800.


Shuitou Deyue Tower:

Shuitou Deyue Tower is one of the highest and oldest tower in the city bounded by old buildings was constructed by Chinese merchants and tourists can come across the local and western architecture of the building.


Other Places to Visit in Kinmen:

  • Shanhou Culture Village
  • Triangle Fortress
  • Lion Mountain
  • Zhaishan tunnels
  • Juguang Tower
  • Kinmen National Park
  • Beaches


Food and Culture in Kinmen:

Kinmen offers both Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine and there are number of restaurants situated in the city and tourists can also find some vegetarian restaurants in the city as well. Most of the populace of Kinmen speaks Hokkien and Kinmenese, since Kinmen was the historical part of Fujian and Kinmen is famed for its artillery shell knives.

Best time to Visit Kinmen:

Kinmen is one of the tourist destinations in Taiwan located close to China border and best time to visit Kinmen is during the winter months.


How to Reach Kinmen?

By Air:

Kinmen is served by Kinmen Airport, located at the distance of 5 Kms from center of the city and this airport serves domestic flights to cities like Taichung, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Chiayi and Taipei.


By Sea:

Kinmen port is located at the distance of 9 Kms from the city and major port is Xiamen port in China is located close to Kinmen and from Xiamen tourists can board ferries to Kinmen Island.


By Road: 

Kinmen is a small island in Taiwan located close to China and roads are well developed and maintained in the island and tourists can get buses, cars, taxis, thumb and motorcycles to get around the city.


Where to Stay in Kinmen?

Kinmen is an island in Taiwan and famed for beaches and ancient architecture and Kinmen county has number of staying facilities to the customer and Kinmen hotels offers modern and Taiwanese styles of hotels and it cost from $ 50 to $ 100 and above per night. Some of the famed hotels in Kinmen are listed here below:

  • Backpackers Inn
  • Lake View Inn Western Style Building
  • Breeze & Waves A Seaside Inn
  • Kinmenden B&B
  • Seacloud Inn
  • Taigin Hotel
  • Majesty Fourseasons Inn
  • Pearl B&B
  • Haifu Hotel & Suites
  • The Treasure Land Resort Hotel
  • Golden Palais Hotel
  • Bo Mon B&B

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