Tourist Places to Visit in Douliou, Taiwan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Douliou, Taiwan, Asia

Douliou is a city in Yunlin County in Taiwan; Republic of China situated towards the western part of Taiwan is located at the banks of River Zhuoshui. Economy of Douliou depends on industries and tourism and Douliou has Douliou Industrial Park and Yunlin Science Industrial Park. Douliou is home for various educational institutions, Health care and sports club.

Douliou is bounded by Dounan, Zhushan, Gukeng, Huwei, Xiluo, Citong, Linnei and Lugu. Douliou is situated at the distance of 250 Kms from the capital of Taiwan, Taipei and coordinates of Douliou is 23.7075° N, 120.5439° E.


Tourism in Douliou:

Douliou has its own charm and scenery and tourists from various places visit this region and there exists number of parks, markets, memorial hall and monuments to visit in the city and from the city tourists can view the beautiful scenery of the surrounding and the mountains which are breathtaking and one can go for trekking in these mountains.


Food and Culture in Douliou:

Douliou serves delicious Chinese cuisine and must taste in Douliou are Szechuan, Hunan, Beifang and Cantonese can be found in all the major hotels and restaurants in the city and local food includes Beef noodles, Aiyu jelly and Oyster omelet. There are number of shops in the city and one can buy Jade one of the precious stones which is available in some of the main stores in the city.


Places to Visit in Douliou:

Renwen Park Night Market:

The night market is located next to Renwen Park is open on Saturdays and local populace gather in this market to buy some fresh goods from the market.


Douliu Ring:

Douliu Ring is the famed landmark in the city and also called as Douliu Door is renowned for water show organized every evening with music.


Other Places to Visit in Douliou:

  • Taiping Old Street
  • Exercise Park
  • Yukihiro Memorial
  • Toroku POW Camp Memorial
  • Beigang International Music Festival


Best time to Visit Douliou:

Douliou has pleasant climate throughout the year and best time to visit Douliou is during the months of April to March.


How to Reach Douliou?

By Air:

Nearest airport to Douliou is Chiayi Airport located at the distance of 45 Kms from the city and this airport operates domestic flights to Kinmen and Makung cities. Tourists can hire taxis or can board bus to reach Douliou and these facilities are available from airport.


By Train:

Douliou is served by Douliou high speed trains and these trains are well connected with all the major cities and town in Taiwan.


By Road:

Douliou has well developed road system and majority of populace use public buses for the small distance and these buses also connect to various neighboring cities in Douliou and other major local transport includes taxiss, cars, thumb, bicycles and motorcycles.


Where to Stay in Douliou?

Douliou is an industrial city bounded by various tourist attractions and tourists can find number of accommodation facilities in the city which cost from $ 30 to $ 200 and above per night and provides all the modern facilities. Some of the prominent hotels in Douliou are listed here below:

  • Janfusun Prince Hotel
  • Her Home Spa Motel Douliu
  • E T Hotel
  • La Villa Motel Yunlin
  • Tsao-Lien Hotel
  • Metro Hotel
  • Khokak Panoramas Hotel
  • E-Hon Hotel
  • Royal Garden Business Motel
  • Mu Ti Resort Motel
  • Star Garden Motel
  • Cherry Blossom Motel Commerce
  • Lakeside Villa Motel Yunlin
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