Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Asia

Hsinchu is a city in Tongyong Pinyin County in Taiwan in Republic of China is situated at the north part of Taiwan. Hsinchu is an administrative city in Taiwan and Hsinchu Science and Technology Industrial Park is located in the city which is home for more than 306 high tech companies. There are several universities and educational institutions and hospitals and the city is also well known for being in the near proximity of few tourist attractions in.

Hsinchu is bounded by Zhubei, Xinpu, Xhudong, Emei, Sanwan, Toufen, Baoshan, Hukou and Yangmei is located at the distance of 85 Kms from the capital of Taiwan, Taipei and coordinates of Hsinchu are 24.8167° N, 120.9833° E.


Tourism in Hsinchu:

Hsinchu is famed for Hsinchu Science and Technology Industrial Park located at an elevation of 120 meters above the sea level. Hsinchu is enclosed by 18 peaks mount and Niupu peaks and the majority of the eastern division of the county is enclosed with foothills and small mountains which makes it a stunning city and Hsinchu is located along the sea coast.


Places to Visit in Hsinchu:

Hsinchu Municipal Glass Art Museum:

This museum is one of the prime attractions in the town and tourists can come across several glass arts displayed in the museum. This museum is visited by the locals and crowded during public holidays.


City God Temple:

This temple is situated in Zhongshan Road and was constructed in the year 1748 and a classic Taoist temple, visited by number of devotees.


Guan Di Temple:

This temple is situated in Wenchang Street is one of the famed temples in Hsinchu constructed in the year 1776. Guan Di Temple is known for its decoration and carvings on the temple pillars.


Other Places to Visit in Hsinchu:

  • Nanliao Fishery Harbor
  • Neiwen Old Street
  • Leofoo Village
  • Beipu Old Street
  • Green World Ecological Farm
  • Hsinchu Eastern Gate
  • Eighteen Peaks Mountain Park
  • Hsinchu Municipal Zoo
  • Hsinchu Zoo
  • Hsinchu City Black Bat Squadron Memorial Hall


Food and Culture in Hsinchu:

Hsinchu offers variety of delicious Taiwanese cuisine and there are several restaurants which serves Taiwanese and western cuisine. Popular cuisines of Hsinchu are rice noodles and meatballs. Populace of Hsinchu follows diverse culture.


 Best time to Visit Hsinchu:

Hsinchu is industrial town and this city is visited throughout the year by the tourists and the best time to visit Hsinchu is between the months of December to March.


How to Reach Hsinchu?

By Air:

The nearest airport to Hsinchu city is Taoyuan International Airport, located at the distance of 60 Kms from the city which operates domestic and international flights to various cities across the world.


By Sea:

Keelung Port is the nearest port to Hsinchu, located at the distance of 102 Kms is one of the major ports in Taiwan, which operates domestic and international ferries.


By Train:

Hsinchu is served by Hsinchu station, which operates high speed trains, is connected to all the major cities and towns in Taiwan.

By Road:

Hsinchu has well developed road system and there are number of buses in the city which connects to various cities in Taiwan and other local transportation includes cars, taxiss and motorcycles.


Where to Stay in Hsinchu?

Hsinchu is industrial city and there are plenty of accommodation facilities available in the city which cost from $ 40 to $ 130 and above per night. Some of the major hotels in Hsinchu are listed below:

  • Leofoo Resort Guanshi
  • Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu
  • Howard Plaza Hotel Hsinchu
  • Peach Hotel
  • Hotel Royal Hsinchu
  • Carlton Hotel-Beida
  • Forte Hotel Hsinchu
  • Miramar Hotel Hsinchiu
  • Lakeshore Hotel
  • Duke Hotel Hsinchu
  • King Yatt Hotel
  • Chien Li Fu Hotel

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