Tourist Places to Visit in Chiayi, Taiwan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Chiayi, Taiwan, Asia

Chiayi a city in Chiayi County in Taiwan is also known as Jiayi is situated towards southwestern direction of Taiwan. Chiayi is home for various commercial and residential sectors and there is National Chiayi University located in the city situated at the distance of 16 Kms from the National Chung Cheng University. Economy of the Chiayi depends on agriculture, educational institutions and commercial and retail sectors.

Chiayi is surrounded by Minxueng, Zhongpu, Baihe, Taibao, Houbi, Xinying, Xingang and Zhuqi located at the distance of 260 Kms from capital of Taiwan Taipei and coordinates of Chiayi is 23.3334° N, 120.4500° E.


History of Chiayi:

Chiayi was inhabited by Hoanya aborigines and in the year 1621, Yen Szu-Chi introduced the cultivation in the region and Chiayi was ruled by number of rulers and it was attacked by various rulers. In the year 1906, an earthquake devastated the entire city and the Japanese authorities reconstructed the region and in the year 1945 the city came under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China.


Tourism in Chiayi:

Chiayi is famed for its natural scenery and there are number of beautiful spots in the city bounded by landscape and greenery. Chiayi has few famed parks and museum and there are few national parks near the city which is visited by thousands of tourists from China and Japan and climate is pleasant in the city which makes this site more attractive.


Food and Culture in Chiayi:

Chiayi is famed for cuisine by name turkey rice in Taiwan and most of the local tourists visit this city to taste this delicious cuisine. There are number of restaurants in the city which serves the Turkey rice and populace of this region follow Buddhism and celebrate various national festivals.


Places to Visit in Chiayi:

Chiayi Park:

This is one of the famed parks in city visited by the local tourists throughout the year and this park was established during the Japanese administration of Taiwan.


Sun-Shooting Tower:

This is one of the famed tourist attractions in the city and the Sun-Shooting Tower is situated inside the Chiayi Park and this is one of the tallest building the city which attracts number of tourists.


Chiayi Museum:

Chiayi Museum is situated in Chiayi City and one major museum in the city which displays the various tradition and history of the Chiayi city.


Other Places to Visit in Chiayi:

  • Lantan
  • Historic Archives Building of Chiayi City
  • 228 Memorial Park
  • National 228 Memorial Park
  • Culture Road Night Market
  • Carrefour Night Market
  • The High Speed Railway


Best time to Visit Chiayi:

Chiayi is located close to the mountain region and it receives rain throughout the year and summer is very humid and best time to visit Chiayi is between the months of April to October.


How to Reach Chiayi?

By Air:

Chiayi is served by Chiayi Airport located at the distance of 7 Kms from centre of the city and this airport operates domestic flights to Kinmen and Makung cities in Taiwan.


By Train:

TRA Chiayi Station is major station in Chiayi city well connected by high speed trains to various cities in Taiwan.


By Road:

Taiwan is undertaken by Republic of China and there are number of well developed transportation in the city and number of buses ply from various cities to Chiayi city and other local transportation includes bus, taxis and motorcycle.


Where to Stay in Chiayi?

Chiayi is major city in Chiayi County and there are number of hotels in the city which cost from $ 40 to $ 200 and above per night. Some of the major hotels in Chiayi are listed below:


  • Chiayi Maison de Chine Hotel
  • Nice Prince Hotel
  • Her Home Spa Motel Daya
  • Day Plus Hotel
  • Shantis Motel
  • Grand View Resort
  • Gau Shan Ching Hotel
  • Lang Yun Leisure Farm
  • Ho Fong Villa Hotel
  • Alishan House
  • Chiayi Crown Hotel
  • Yuh Tong Hotel

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