Tourist Places to Visit in Cheongju, South Korea, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Cheongju, South Korea, Asia

Cheongju is a city and the capital of Chungcheongbuk-do province in South Korea. Cheongju is a historical city, where world’s oldest movable metal kind print book by name Jikji was shaped and Cheongju is home for various artifacts. Cheongju city is divided into two parts, Heungdeok-gu and Sangdang-gu, these two districts are the Administrative districts of Cheongju.

Cheongju is surrounded by Yeongi, Cheongwon, Jeungpyeong, Eumseong, Goesan, Jincheon, Cheonan, Boeun, Daejeon and Gongju and Cheongju is located at the distance of 110 Kms from the capital of South Korea, Seoul and coordinates of Cheongju is 36.6333° N, 127.4833° E.


Tourism in Cheongju:

Cheongju is a historical city and there are number of places to visit in and around the city. Cheongju has beautiful landscapes, forts, temples and scenery which attract thousands of tourists from around the world.


Food and Culture in Cheongju:

There are many restaurants and hotels in Cheongju city which serves authentic and traditional cuisine and populace of this region celebrates all the major festivals and lives in good harmony.


Places to Visit in Cheongju:

Sangdang Moutain Fortress:

This fort is also known as Sangdangsanseong is situated on the slopes of Mount Uam. This is one of the famed tourist destinations in Cheongju and this fort is 4.2 Kms long and 3 meters to 4 meters in height and there are three main gates to enter the fort.


Heungdeok Temple:

This is a historical site and a place where the first movable metal type book by name Jikji was first printed and visited by number of tourists and local tourists visit this site during national holidays and surrounded by beautiful landscape.


Yongdusaji Cheoldanggan

This is one of the unique sites located next to Lotte Yound Plaza in Cheongju and it is flagpole which is made up of 20 iron cylinders stands at the height of 13.1 meters and it was used to host the flag in the honor of Buddha.


Cheongju National Museum:

This museum is situated at the distance of 2 kms in Mt. Uam from Cheongju and museum displays various artifacts of the surrounding villages.


Things to do in Cheongju:

  • Cheongju Onch’on
  • Sewang Brewery
  • Cheongju Zoo
  • Cheongju Uam Children’s Center
  • The Street of Letter
  • Myeongam Resort
  • Avenue of Trees


Best time to Visit Cheongju:

Cheongju is small city and it is historical site and there are few tourist places to visit and best time to visit Cheongju is between the months of March to July.


How to Reach Cheongju?

By Air:

Cheongju International Airport is located at the northern part of Cheongju city and airport serves with domestic and international flights to China like Beijing, Jeju, Kaohsiung, Taipei-Taoyuan, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Osaka-Kansai, and Hong Kong.


By Train:

The major and nearest railway station is Ogeunjang Station, which lies on Chungbuk Line, this railway station is located at the distance of 10 Kms from the city and connects to various parts of the city.


By Road:

Cheongju is well connected through roads and there are number of public transportations in the city. Cheongju is served by two main bus stations by name Cheongju Express Bus Terminal and Cheongju Intercity Bus Terminal and car and taxi are the other major transport modes in the city.


Where to Stay in Cheongju?

Cheongju is a historical city famed tourist destination for the local tourist and there are few hotels located in the city, which cost from $ 60 to $ 100 and above per night and provides all the major amenities to the guests for comfortable stay. Some of the major hotels in Cheongju are as follows:

  • Ramada Plaza Cheongju
  • Hotel Jasmine
  • Hotel If
  • Gallery Tourist Hotel
  • Kensington Resort Chungju
  • Kimhae Tourist
  • Chosun Tourist
  • Hanwha Resort Suanbo
  • Reeho Tourist Hotel
  • Newvera Tourist Hotel
  • Cheongju Royal Tourist Hotel
  • Joy Hotel
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