Places to Visit in Mymensingh, Bangladesh, Asia

Places to Visit in Mymensingh, Bangladesh, Asia

Mymensingh is a city placed on Brahmaputra River in Mymensingh District in Bangladesh, is the administrative headquarters of Mymensingh District which covers an area of 82 sq. km. Mymensingh is situated about 123 km away towards north of country capital Dhaka.

Mymensingh is located between 24°45′14″ N latitude and 90°24′11″ E longitude and is situated at an altitude of 19 meters. Mymensingh District is bounded by Gazipur District in the south, Netrokona District to the east, Sherpur District to the west and Meghalaya state of India towards north.

Mymensingh is one of the educational hubs in the country houses numerous top rated educational institutions such as Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh Engineering College and Mymensingh Medical College. Also Mymensingh is in top position in the field of jute production in the country.


History of Mymensingh:

Mymensingh was earlier known as Momenshahi, named after the ruler Momen Shah. It also witnessed the rule of British East India Company when it was in India before the India’s Independence on 15th August 1947.


Cuisine and Culture in Mymensingh:

The natives of Mymensingh have the taste of all the major regions countries foods including Chinese. Dal-pury, singara, pitha and samosa are traditional snack items and Kheer, Payesh and Shemai, Geelapi, Muri, chira, khoi are other special types of dishes of Mymensingh.

The people of Mymensingh are slightly different than other regions of the country because the Muslim and the Hindu people have a great chemistry and they celebrate most of the festivals together. Anjuman Eid-gah Maidan, Ramakrishna Math & Mission and Bishyanath Temple are the main cultural centres of Mymensingh.


Connectivity to Mymensingh:

Auto Rickshaw is the common and main mode of transportation within Mymensingh City. Other than Auto Rickshaws, tourists can also reach nearby regions by taxi, private and government Buses. Trishal Bus Stand and Uttar Bongo Bus Stand are the prime bus stations of Mymensingh City.

Mymensingh is well connected with Dhaka City and other major cities of the country through Bhrammaputra Express, Jamuna Express, Aghnibina Express and Ekota Express trains. Mymensingh is located about 108 km away from the Dhaka Airport.


Tourist places in Mymensingh:

Bishyanath Temple:

Bishyanath Temple is a worship place of Hindus devoted to Lord Shiva situated in Mymensingh District. It is very famous for its pagoda-like architecture and attracts Hindu devotees from all over the district for its holiness.


Old Town Hall:

Old Town Hall is a cultural centre constructed by Maharaja Surya Kanta Acharyya. It has hosted more than thousand cultural events of dance, music and drama.


Ramakrishna Math:

Ramakrishna Math is placed on Ramakrishna Mission Road was constructed in the memory of the great 19th century saint of Bengal Sri Ramakrishna.


Anjuman Eid-gah Maidan:

Anjuman Eid-gah Maidan is a prime attraction of Mymensingh established in an area of 27 acres in the year 1962. During the time of Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha several Muslim devotees meet here. Also the maidhan has pond inside.


Other tourist attractions in Mymensingh include:

  • The Boro Masjid
  • Shahid Minar
  • Alexandar Castle
  • Mymensingh Museum
  • Zainul Abedin Museum
  • Fish Museum & Biodiversity Center
  • Bangladesh Agricultural University

Best time to visit Mymensingh:

Between the months of November and February is the ideal time to visit Mymensingh.


Accommodation Options in Mymensingh:

Mymensingh is packed with full of international hotels, star hotels and budgeted hotels. The prominent hotels located in Mymensingh are listed below:

  • Hotel Amir International
  • Panch Tara Hotel
  • Hotel Al Rifat
  • Hotel Hera Trade Centre
  • Hotel Khan International
  • Nirala rest House
  • Hotel Isa kha
  • Hotel Mustafiz International
  • Hotel Uttora
  • River Palace
  • Hotel Banani Residential
  • Hotel Tajmohal
  • Hotel Night star Residential
  • Hotel Obokash Residential
  • New Jahangir Guest Gouse Residential

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