Alishan Tourist Places to Visit in Alishan, Taiwan, Asia

Alishan Tourist Places to Visit in Alishan, Taiwan, Asia

Alishan is a rural town in Chiayi County in Taiwan and covers an area of 427.847 Sq Kms is situated at an altitude of 7,190 feet (2,190 meters) above the sea level. Alishan is bounded by mountain region and populace of this region depends on agriculture for their living and the soil over the region is very fertile. Alishan is famed for the national park and there are number of the flora and fauna in the national park.

Alishan is bounded by Chiayi County, Meishan, Fanlu, Zhongpu, Zhuqi, Xinyi, Taoyuan, Dapu, Dong and Baihe and Alishan is located at the distance of 328 Kms from the capital of Taiwan, Taipei and coordinates of Alishan is 23.5167° N, 120.8000° E.


History of Alishan:

Alishan was inhabited by Taiwanese since immemorial, later in 19th century ethnic Chinese settled in the region. In the year 1912, Japanese constructed Alishan Forest Railway Station and from here the Alishan region developed rapidly but in the year 1970 it was closed but tourism developed rapidly in this region and it is accredited as the National Science Area.


Tourism in Alishan:

Alishan is bounded by natural beauty and there are number of tourists attractions in this region and tourist can find charming landscapes, forest, flora and fauna and this site is also used for trekking as well. The highest peak in Alishan is 2,663 meters above the sea level and there are other mountains with average height of 2,500 meters.


Food and Culture in Alishan:

Alishan has wide range of budget and luxury restaurants, which offers typical Taiwanese cuisine and there are small stalls selling noodles, rice dishes and normal street food and restaurants in Alishan are very costly and they offer wide range of delicious local and international cuisine.


Places to Visit in Alishan:


Most of the tourists gather in Jhushan to view the sunrise over the Yushan peak and it is most exciting site to visit in Alishan and tourists can reach Jhushan by boarding a train and while returning tourists can trek for thrilling experience.


Giant Trees Trail:

Tourists can come across giant trees near Shermuh station in Alishan and these giant trees are grown for over a millennium and there is a small temple by nae Cihyun Temple which was built by Japanese.


Shoujhen Temple:

This is the biggest temple in Alishan and temple is devoted to Lord Buddha. Shoujhen Temple is famed for its architecture design and number of devotees visits this temple throughout the year.


Two Sisters Pond:

There are two ponds in the middle of the forest and one is larger pond by name elder Sister Pond, tourists can take pleasure along the pond and relax in the beauty of Mother Nature.


Best time to Visit Alishan:

Alishan is hilly region and climate is pleasant and moist throughout the year and best time to visit Alishan is between the months of May to November.


How to Reach Alishan?

By Air:

Nearest airport to Alishan is Taichung Airport located at the distance of 171 Kms and this airport operates domestic and international flights to Tianjin, Nanchang, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Jinan, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Xiamen and various other cities.


By Train:

Taiwan has good rail connectivity but railway line has been closed to Alishan region. Tourists can avail train services till Chiayi County and from there tourists can hire taxis or board a bus to reach Alishan region.


By Road:

Populace of Taiwan commonly uses public transport for the short distance and one can find number of buses plying the in the city and other local transport includes taxis, car and motorcycle.


Where to Stay in Alishan?

Alishan is renowned for the Alishan Science Area and thousands of tourists gather here during the summer season. Very few hotels are located in Alishan and these hotels provide all the major facilities to customers and cost from $ 30 to $ 100 and above per night. Some of the major hotels in Alishan are listed here below:

  • Dafeng Hotel
  • Gao Shan Ching Hotel
  • Shermuh House
  • Alishan House
  • Fencihu Hotel
  • Alishan Gou Hotel

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