Bukhara Tourist Places to Visit in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, Asia

Bukhara Tourist Places to Visit in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, Asia

Bukhara city is the capital of Bukhara province is located on the Silk Road at the east end of the country Uzbekistan.  Bukhara city is 550 km from Tashkent, capital city of the country, Uzbekistan. Bukhara city spans over an area of 40 km2. The coordinates to Bukhara are 39046’ N and 64026’ E. Bukhara city is 225 meter above sea level. Summer are hot with temperatures soaring to 410 C and in winter the temperatures can drop to -20 C. Tajik dialect of Persian is spoken widely among the people of Bukhara whereas Uzbek is spoken by lesser people in Bukhara. One can visit Bukhara from the month of October to March.


Food and Shopping at Bukhara

In Bukhara there are restaurant with amazing ambiences filled with music and English speaking staffs. Lunch and dinner are charged anywhere between $5 to $35 in restaurants such as Minjifa, Doston House, Caravan, Guest House of Rustam Saidjanov. Eateries such as Silk Road Spices Tea House are specialized in a variety of teas such as spice and herbal tea, green and black tea, etc. One can also have a taste of Wine in Bukhara at Nughay Caravanserai Wine Tasting between 11 am to 9 pm.


Tourist Places in Bukhara  

  • Museum of Wood Carving Art


This museum displays plenty of finely carved wooden artifacts and is also the school for wood carvers.


  • Chashma-I Ayub Mausoleum (Museum of Water Supply)


Built between 1208 to 1209 AD, this mausoleum has a Harezm-styled conical dome and is one of its kinds in Bukhara.


  • Zindan, Emir’s Prison


Once used as a prison it is now used as a Museum. Zindan is a Persian word, translated to English means ‘Underground Darkness’.


  • The Ark Fortress (Regional Studies Museum)


This fortress was built in the 5th century A.D and was used as a military base in Bukhara.


Apart from the above mentioned places of interest there are some other tourist places. The names of these sightseeing places are mentioned below:

  • Kalyan Minaret
  • Kalan Mosque
  • Mir-I Arab Madrassah
  • Mausoleum of Sayfiddin Bukharzi and Bayan Quli
  • Mosque of Chor-Minor
  • The Kosh Madrasah Ensemble
  • Medieval Baths of Bukhara
  • Museums of Ceramics
  • Registan Square
  • Sitorai Mohi Hosa Palace
  • Imam al-Bukhari Memorial Museum
  • Museum of Metal Chasing
  • Ulughbek Madrassah
  • Faizullah Khodjaev House Museum


Means of Commutation to Bukhara


Bukhara International Airport caters to arrival and departure of flights to and from Russia and other places within the country, Uzbekistan.  Flights to Russia are available on Wednesday, Friday and Sundays only. Flights to St. Petersburg are available on Sundays while flights to Tashkent are available on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.



There are two trains from Tashkent and Samarkand arriving at Bukhara station daily. One can reach Bukhara from Tashkent in morning, within six and half hour by express trains 9 and 10. In night there are two slow trains with numbers 661 and 662 which commute passengers from Tashkent to Bukhara.



Bukhara has a well connected network of roadways connecting various places within the country and neighboring countries. M37 highway from Bukhara passes through remote location within Uzbekistan. One can hire taxi at the cost of $61 from Bukhara to Samarkand which is at distance of 270 km. Taxis on hire are also available for $70 to $80 per car to Khiva from Bukhara.


Accommodation Options at Bukhara

Five star hotels at Bukhara offer 24 hour room service, indoor and outdoor games, laundry services, gym, etc. A luxury room in five star hotels at Bukhara for a day will cost anywhere from $150 to $220. Hotels with spacious and airy rooms are available in Bukhara at a rental charge of $60 for single room and $80 for double room onwards.

  • Amelia Hotel
  • Lyabi House Hotel
  • Minzifa Hotel
  • Sasha & Son, Bukhara
  • Lyabi-House Hotel
  • Zargaron Plaza Hotel
  • Hotel Malika Bukhara
  • Fatima & Ibrahim Hotel
  • Hotel Asia Bukhara
  • Hotel Old City
  • Caravan Hotel

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