Bannu Tourist Places to Visit in Bannu, Pakistan, Asia

Bannu Tourist Places to Visit in Bannu, Pakistan, Asia

Bannu is one of the 24 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province a Northwest province of Pakistan.  Bannu is a town and a district head quarters of Bannu district with an area of about 1200 Sq. Km is located to the Southeast of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.  To the East, Northeast and South of Bannu is the Punjab province and to the West and Northwest and Southwest of Bannu are the regions of North and South Waziristan.


Bannu is located around 300 Km and 290 Km to the Southwest of Islamabad and Rawalpindi via Kohat town.  Peshawar is around 180 Km to the North of Bannu.  The Bannu’s lands are irrigated by the rivers of Kurram and Tochi. The soil of Bannu is very conducive for growing the sugarcane crops.


Bannu is an advanced town with industries and educational institutions among other towns of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.  Bannu is populated by the Bannuchi tribe speaking Pashto with Waziri and Khattak dialect along with Urdu and English among the educated class of Bannu.



History of Bannu in Pakistan:


Bannu before Pakistan’s independence in 1947 was known as Edwardsabad named after the British administrator of the region Sir Herbert Edwards during the British reign of the Indian sub-continent in mid 19th century.  Bannu has the past history dating back to the ancient Indus valley civilization and was frequently invaded by various Central Asian and Arab rulers during the mid centuries due to its strategic location and its connectivity to other countries to the North of Bannu.



Food and Culture in Bannu in Pakistan:


Bannu with its vast agricultural areas cultivated with wheat and sugarcane and rice with fruits, vegetables etc., are grown in large areas and have wheat products for their daily consumption along with preparations of the flavored rice items with the special lime tea.


Bannu is inhabited with majority Bannuchi tribe with many sub-castes and also along with Pashtuns and Sikhs speaking the language of Pashto with Waziri dialect and Urdu following the Islamic culture.



Shopping and Things to do in Bannu in Pakistan:


Bannu is a great shopping centre and it is supposed to be the central market for the regions around it and also the goods from Bannu move to the central Asian countries.  Bannu is famous for its leather products and woolen and cotton goods and also sugar products as there are many mills processing these products. The Jumma fair is conducted weekly selling the local products.


Bannu is a tribal area and not a tourist place as the traveling in these areas are with valid permits as its dangerous place due to gun totting mercenaries moving around and are less tolerant to the outsiders.



Tourist Attractions in and around Bannu in Pakistan:


Tourist attractions around Bannu are mainly in the regions of Kohat and Dera Ismail Khan which are at a distance of 60 Km and 80 Km.  As Bannu comes under the Frontier Region and comes under the Federally Administered Tribal Area, Where travel permits are required to visit the regions of Bannu.



Connectivity to Bannu in Pakistan:


There are transport services from Peshawar the capital city of Kyber Pakhtunkhwa province at a distance of 180 Km to the North via the Indus Highway No. N55. There is no train connectivity to Bannu and by flight the nearest domestic airport is at Dera Ismail Khan Airport at a distance of 80 Km and the international airport is the Bacha Khan near Peshawar at a distance of 150 Km to the North of Bannu.



Hotel Accommodation in Bannu in Pakistan:


Bannu being a tribal area the town has very few hotels and those star quality hotels are mostly in the city of Peshawar around 180 Km to the North of Bannu.


  • Pearl Continental Hotel 3*
  • Emaraat Hotel 2*
  • Rose Hotel 2*
  • Hotel Grand
  • Green’s Hotel Restaurant
  • Tourist Inn Motel
  • Eagle Nest Hotel
  • Hidyat Hotel

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