Ozgon Tourist Places to Visit in Ozgon, Kyrgyzstan, Asia

Ozgon Tourist Places to Visit in Ozgon, Kyrgyzstan, Asia

Ozgon or Uzgen is a town in the Osh Oblast or the province in the Kyrgyz Republic which gained independence in the year 1991along with 14 CIS countries.  Ozgon town is one of the administrative district headquarter for Ozgon district out of seven districts of Osh province that is located to the South West of mountainous country of Kyrgyzstan.  Ozgon is located around 50 Km to the North East of Osh city the second largest city of Kyrgyzstan on route no.A370.  Ozgaon is located in between the tributary of Andijan Reservoir flowing to the North from the West and the River Kara-Darya flowing on the Southern periphery of Ozgon town.


The district of Ozgon is over 3000 Sq. Km and geographically Ozgon is located at the Easten end of the Fergana valley running from North to South in between the mountains of Tien-shan in the North and Gissar-Alai in the South with vast reserves of mineral ores that was exploited by the Soviets during its regime.  The province of Naryn is to its East and the province of Jalal-Abad to its North.



History of Ozgon in Kyrgyzstan:


Ozgon has a recorded history of over 2000 years and Ozgon was part of the ancient Silk Route and the well preserved Mausoleum and Minarets of 12th century bears to be the testimony of the bygone eras ruler’s cultural and trading activities that had taken place at the hands of the rulers of Karakhanid and Ghengis Khan and under the rule of Golden Hoard till the Soviet supremacy in early 20th century. Babur who established Mughal Empire in North India is supposed to have come from Ozgon. And with the break of Soviet Confederate, Ozgon was included under the Osh Province of the CIS country of Kyrgyzstan.



Food and Culture in Ozgon in Kyrgyzstan:


Ozgon food is typically the Kyrgyz good of Beshbarmak and fermented horse milk of Kumi and fermented grain drink of Maksym.  The Chinese foods are also consumed in Ozgon and the meat and dairy products are consumed in large quantities.


Ozgon culturally is an ethnic town with soviet influence with large followers of the Islamic religion which was introduced in 10th century by Karakhanid.


Ozgon population mainly consists of Kyrgyzs who makes the majority of the population followed by the Uzbeks, Turks, Russians, Uygurs, Tatars and Tadjiks etc. Since it was under Soviet regime about two decades ago, Russian language is spoken widely.



Shopping and Things to do in Ozgon in Kyrgyzstan:


Ozgon though not mainly a tourist place, shopping is mainly done for the local Kyrgyz’s hand-crafted items that are embroidered with various ethnic designs on the carpets or Shydaks and other local condiments.


In Ozgon one can visit the 1200 year Mausoleum and Minarets that was built by the then ruler Karakhanid.  One can also head to the Mountains in the Fregana valley to enjoy the scenic beauty.


 Tourist Attractions in and around Ozgon in Kyrgyzstan:

Though Ozgon was part of Silk Route there is no much to see for the tourists except for the following:


  • Mausoleum and Minarets: 12th century unique structures. Also there are many remains of over 2000 year old remains depicting the culture of those eras.


Connectivity to Ozgon in Kyrgyzstan:


Ozgon is around 50 Km from the province capital Osh on the route A370 and around 35 Km from the province of Jalal-Abad which is to the North West of Ozgon. One can also reach Ozgon by bus and taxis from the Capital city of Bishkek which is to the North East at a distance of 600 Km via the main road of M41 through Uzbekistan.  There is no train service in Ozgon and by flight Osh airport is the nearest sited at a distance of 50 Km to reach Ozgon.


Hotel Accommodation in Ozgon in Kyrgyzstan:


The quality hotel accommodation is mainly in the city of Osh and Jalal-Abad at a distance of 50 Km and 35 Km respectively.


  • Sputnik 3*
  • Hotel Crystal 3*
  • Hotel Peking 4*
  • Roza Park Hotel (B&B Hotel)
  • Sunrise Guest House
  • Biy Ordo Guest House

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