Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Kyzyl-Kiya, Kyrgyzstan, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Kyzyl-Kiya, Kyrgyzstan, Asia

Kyzyl-Kiya is one of the four small towns of the Batken Province of Mountainous Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan or Kyrgyz Republic which gained independence in the year 1991 along with 14 other CIS countries from Soviets.  Kyzyl-Kiya is spread around 50 Sq. Km is a mining town located to the South West of Kyrgyzstan at the Southern end of the Fergana valley and coal was mined extensively in Kyzyl-Kiya during the reign of the Soviets.


Kyzyl-Kiya’s North East is the city of Osh, the second largest city of Kyrgyzstan, which is around 85 Km from Kyzyl-Kiya connected by the main Road R152. The border of Uzbekistan is around 10 Km to the North West of Kyzyl-Kiya.  To the South West in the town of Uch-Korgon which is around 9 Km.


The climate around Kyzyl-Kiya is quite warm in summers and winters are cold and comparatively less chilly than its neighboring Northern towns with good precipitation. April to August season is the best to visit the town of Kyzyl-Kiya.



History of Kyzyl-Kiya in Kyrgyzstan:


The Province or the Oblast in Russian, Batken in which the town of Kyzyl-Kiya located was a newly created province in 1999 after the already existing Severn Provinces.  All these provinces of the country Kyrgyzstan was part of the soviet state before it became independent with other 14 CIS countries in 1991.


Kyzyl-Kiya was an old mining town during the Russian control from 1862 to 1991. Presently the mining activities are concentrated to few active mine pits as most of the pits have been shut down after the Russian pullout.


Food and Culture in Kyzyl-Kiya in Kyrgyzstan:


Food in Kyzyl-Kiya is mainly the typical Kyrgyz dishes that are mainly made of wheat and dairy products and the meats of the animals reared in their farms such sheep, mares and beef consumed largely.  There are many varieties of seasonal fruits that are consumed by locals.


Kyzyl-Kiya being a mining town, the population is mainly made of many ethnic groups such as Uzbeks, Tajikistanis, and Russians etc. forming major groups who have settled here since 19th century working various coal mines speaking the Russian language and following various faiths and the followers of the Muslim faith make majority of the population in Kyzyl-Kiya.



Shopping and Things to do in Kyzyl-Kiya in Kyrgyzstan:


Kyzyl-Kiya town in Batken is not a tourist destination and those who come to Kyzyl-Kiya for business go shopping for the local wares available such as hand woven carpets and felt hats and dry fruit and hang out at the eateries tasting various Kyrgyz delicacies.


Those tourists who have landed Kyzyl- Kiya head straight to the mountains of where various expeditions for International tourists are conducted and also various other local trekking and hiking activates for the local tourists are conducted.



Tourist Attractions in and around Kyzyl-Kiya in Kyrgyzstan:


Kyzyl-Kiya has no such tourist attractions and the nearby mountains provide a great place for outdoor recreational activities.  As these mountains at height ranging from 400 meters to over 5000 meters above seal level hold various surprises for expedition teams with its unique flora and fauna and the climate variances with high precipitations and sudden blizzards from the snow covered peaks.



Connectivity to Kyzyl-Kiya in Kyrgyzstan:


Kyzyl-Kiya is aronnd 600 Km from the capital city of Bishkek to it North East and can be reached via the Route No.M41 going down South and turning West on to the Route No.R152 via the city of Osh which is around 80 Km.  Kyzyl-Kiya can also be reached from Tashkent in Uzbekistan at a distance of 350 Km.  Kyzyl-Kiya does not have any rail network and there are no trains operating anywhere near it.  The airport at Kyzyl-Kiya handles only the local flights and the international flights are handled at Manas airport near Bishkek that is around 600 Km.


Hotel Accommodation in Kyzyl-Kiya in Kyrgyzstan:


Accommodation with quality facilities for those visiting Kyzyl-Kiya is mainly in the city of Osh which is at a distance of 80 Km.


  • Hotel Peking 4*
  • Hotel Crystal 3*
  • Biy Ordo Guest House
  • Sunrise Guest House
  • Tes Guest House
  • Osh Guest House

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