Places to Visit in Hokkaido, Japan, Asia

Places to Visit in Hokkaido, Japan, Asia

Hokkaido is the second largest island stretching over 83,453.57 sq kms lying in the northern most part of Japan is well connected to other islands like Honshu, Kyushu and Shikohu by means of underwater railway tunnel with capital city being Sapporo. Hokkaido is bound by Pacific Ocean, Sea of Japan and Sea of Okhotsk and its highest elevation point is 7510 feet above sea level. Hokkaido coordinates with 43’ degree North Latitude and 142’ degree East Longitude.


Hokkaido History:

The initial settlers in Hokkaido were Ainu, Nivkh and Orok clans dating back to 20,000 years ago. Hokkaido was a part of Nara and Heian Period during 710 A.D. to 1185 A.D. Hokkaido was also ruled by Muromachi Era during 1336 A.D. to 1573 A.D., formerly called as Ezochi, until it was invaded by Meiji Restoration who temporarily occupied the islands of Hokkaido in the year 1868.


Tourist attractions in Hokkaido:

There are many tourist places to visit for the visitors in and around Hokkaido like:

  • Hokkaido University Sapporo Campus
  • Mount Okura Observatory Tower
  • Moerenuma Park
  • Mount Moiwa
  • Sapporo Observatory Towers
  • Odori Park
  • Asahiyama Kinen Koen known for parks and gardens.
  • Hokkaido Jingu famous for Japanese Castles, Historic sites and religious sites.
  • Sapporo Artpark famous for art museums.
  • Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park
  • Sapporo Science Center renowned for science museum.
  • Sapporo International Ski Place famous for skiing, skating and other sporting activities.
  • Sapporo Winter Sports Museum
  • The Hokkaido University Museum
  • Nakajima Park
  • Maruyama Zoo
  • Nopporo Forest Park
  • Hokkaido Botanical Garden
  • Lake Jozan Hohei Dam
  • Asahiyama Zoo
  • Ayako Miura Literature Museum
  • Otokoyama Sakezukuri Museum
  • Asahikawa Ramen Mura well known for Amusement and Theme Parks.
  • Asahikawa Science Center famous for science museum.
  • Snow Museum
  • Kamikawa Shrine


Climatic conditions in Hokkaido:

As Hokkaido is surrounded by Sea of Japan, Pacific Ocean and Sea of Okhotsk the region experiences humid continental climate zone that has moderately cool summers and chilly winters. The average maximum temperature during summers range from 17 degree to 22 degrees and in winters it drops down to minimum of -12 degrees to -4 degrees. Hokkaido also experiences heavy snowfalls measuring about 400 inches and it receives very scanty amount of rainfall annually.


Culture, Economy and Cuisine in Hokkaido:

Agriculture form the main source of income of the people living in Hokkaido as many crops such as rice, wheat, corn, soybeans, potatoes, onions and pumpkins are grown extensively in the agricultural fields. Hokkaido is also known for some light industries like paper milling, beer brewing and timber mills which constitute about 22% of the countries revenue and income. Other form of revenue comes from tourism that constitutes about 78% in Hokkaido.


How to reach Hokkaido in Japan?

Hokkaido is well networked by airways, underwater tunnel railways and seaways to other islands like Honshu, Kyushu and Shikohu. Seikan Tunnel is the only land link that connects Hokkaido with rest of Japan. The main airport is the New Chitose Airport located in Chitose located south of capital city Sapporo. Regular flight services are available from Chitose to Tokyo at frequent point of time which is known as of the world’s busiest air route. Regular ferry and cruise ships carrying tourists also connect Hokkaido with Sendai, Niigata and Tokyo. Frequent train services are also available within the Islands in Hokkaido.


Hotels in Hokkaido:

Being one of the top tourist destinations in Japan, Hokkaido has some best hotels offering world class accommodation and living facilities to the tourists visiting the place all round the year. Hotels range from 1 star category to 7 star category providing high luxurious modes of accommodation. Hotels provide the best hospitality services like airport shuttle, free internet with Wi-Fi, spa and sauna, hot water baths, body massages and therapies, exclusive lobby and lounges, laundry and dry-cleaning facilities, serve exotic multi cuisine Japanese cuisines and dishes. List of hotels located in Hokkaido are:

  • Hotel JR Tower
  • Hotel Best Western
  • Cross Hotel Sapporo
  • Hotel Richmond
  • Hotel Mercure
  • Jozankei Tsuruga Resort and Spa
  • Hotel Dormy Inn Premium
  • Hotel Clubby
  • Sapporo Aspen Hotel
  • Hotel Okura
  • Hotel Keihan
  • Hotel Monterey Edelhof

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