Tourist Places to Visit in Kara-Balta, Kyrgyzstan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Kara-Balta, Kyrgyzstan, Asia

Kara-Balta is a municipal city situated on the banks of river Chu in the Chuy province of Kyrgyz Republic a Central Asian CIS Country.  Kara-Balta is located around 60 Km to the West of Bishkek the capital city of the country Kyrgyzstan.  The Kyrgyz Ala-Too Mountain looms to the North of Kara-Balta city. To the North of Kara-Balta is the country of Kazakhstan and to the West is the country of Uzbekistan.


Kara-Balta is an administrative capital of Jaiyl district and was once a mining city when under the control of Soviets for rare earths and gold.  After the country’s independence from the soviets, the uranium extracting process in Kara-Balta is undertaken at lesser scale.


Kara-Balta located around 700 Mts. above the seal level, enjoys a temperate climate where the summers are very warm and humid and winters are chilly and freezing.



History of Kara-Balta in Kyrgyzstan:


Kara-Balta in the Chuy province in the country of Kyrgyzstan was under the control of Soviet rule from 1862 till the independence in 1991. Kara-Balta was under the control of Mongolian ruler Genghis Khan and later the Khanate of Kokand.  The Soviets had setup their military unit in Kara-Balta and was subjugated to mining of raw ores that yielded gold and the mining of uranium ore was done extensively for the Russian nuclear plants.



Food and Culture in Kara-Balta in Kyrgyzstan:


The traditional food of Beshbarmak and Kumi and also Maksym where consumed widely in Kara-Balta.  The meat of the domestic animals such as horses and goats are consumed with dairy products of these reared animals. The various other dishes of noodle delicacies such as Samsi, Manty, Lagmes etc. are eaten regularly.


The people of Kara-Balta are of ethnic mixture of Russians, Kazaks, and Uzbeks etc. are found in large numbers with the followers of Muslim faith making a large section of the population.



Shopping and Things to do in Kara-Balta in Kyrgyzstan:


Kara-Balta is not much of a tourist destination as it is a mining city with only a few sights seeing and recreational places. The shopping is mainly done for the local relics such as carpets and woolen materials and felt leather goods.


Since Kara-Balta is a mining city one can take a trip to the few existing ore fields and get the permission to have an over view of the mining process done in the ore pits.


Tourist Attractions in and around Kara-Balta in Kyrgyzstan:


Kara-Balta is basically a mining city with lots various ore mining pits where the mining activity has been scaled down after the independence in 1991 and there are only few not so popular tourist attraction places in the mountain ranges of Kygryz Ala-Too in Kara-Balta.


Connectivity to Kara-Balta in Kyrgyzstan:


Kara-Balta city can be reached easily from the Capital city of Bishkek which is a distance of 60 Km to the East via the M39 main road and that further joins the main road of A2 leading to the town and cities of to the
West of Kara-Balta in the country of Kazakhastan and the border is at short distance of around 35 Km from Kara-Balta.   There are many local bus services in Kara-Balta city connecting various towns in the districts.  There is no train connectivity to Kara-Balta as there is no rail network. And though there are small airport, which are not functional and the only airport to reach Kara-Balta is Manas near the capital city of Bishkek which is around 40 Km from Kara-Balta.


Hotel Accommodation in Kara-Balta in Kyrgyzstan:


Kara-Balta is a mining city with many mine ore pits for unearthing minerals and since there is no places of tourist interests there are only very few hotels that are frequented by the business magnets dealing in the mineral ores.  For those who are looking for quality accommodations in Kara-Balta has the options of staying in the city of Bishkek at a distance of 60 Km.


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