Tourist Places to Visit in Changwon, South Korea, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Changwon, South Korea, Asia

Changwon is a city and capital of Gyeongsangnam-do in South Korea is the first planned city in South Korea, which covers an area of 743 Sq kms, is located on the southeast coast of South Korea. Changwon is bounded by mountains and home for number of high technology and machine industries in South Korea and a missile defense station is situated on top of the mountain.

Economy of Changwon depends on the industries located in the city and Korea Naval Base and Changwon is home for number of renowned educational institutions and hospitals.   Changwon is surrounded by Gimhae, Busan, Miryang, Haman and Uiryeong and capital city Seoul is located at the distance of 295 Kms and coordinates are 35.2708° N, 128.6631° E.


History of Changwon:

Changwon was inhabited since Bronze Age and Changwon was ruled by three kingdoms namely Gulja-gun during Unified Silla Period, Uichang-hyeon during the Goryeo Period and Taejong during the Joseon Period and later it was ruled by Japan. Changwon flourished after Korean War in the year 1960.


Tourism in Changwon:

Changwon is famed for its high technology and machine industries and tourists sites are situated nearly 30 to 50 kms from Changwon city and there are number of tourist sites to visit like mountains, museums, parks and beaches which make Changwon one of the most popular cities in South Korea and many tourist visit Changwon throughout the year.


Food and Culture in Changwon:

There are number of restaurants and western food joints in the city which serves authentic cuisine and sea food is famed in Changwon city and populace of Changwon celebrate various festivals and sports activities. Changwon has number of shopping malls and tourists can purchase from wide range of goods and handicrafts.

Industries in Changwon:

  • Samsung Techwin
  • GM Korea
  • LG Electronics
  • Doosan Infracore
  • Hyundai Wia
  • STX Corporation
  • Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction
  • Hyundai Rotem


Places to Visit in and around Changwon:

  • Jangbok Mt Park
  • Shell Mound
  • Hindolmae Park
  • Junam Reservoir
  • Jinhae Seashore Park
  • Energy Science and Environment Park
  • KNA Museums (Korea Naval Academy Museum)
  • Daesan Museum
  • Gaumjung Sports Park
  • Changwon National University Museum


Best time to Visit Changwon:

Changwon is hot and humid during summer and best time to visit Changwon is between the months of March to July.


How to Reach Changwon?

By Air:

Gimhae International Airport in Gimhae is located at the distance of 40 Kms from centre of the Changwon city operates domestic and international flights to several countries in the world and taxi, train and buses are available from airport to Changwon city frequently.


By Sea:

Masan port is the major port in Changwon city mainly used by Navy and a domestic port, connected to various parts of South Korea.


By Train:

Changwon lies on Gyeongjeon line and totally there are 9 stations in Changwon city well connected to other parts of the city through railway.


By Road:

Changwon is connected through national highway and there are three major bus stations in Changwon namely Changwon Cross Country, Masan Cross Country and Jinhae Cross Country Bus Terminal Stations and these bus stations are well connected to various parts of South Korea and local transportation includes Bike sharing and taxis.


Where to Stay in Changwon?

Changwon is bounded by mountains and it is home for many high technology machine industries. Great quantity of accommodation facilities are available in the city and hotels in this region cost from $ 30 to $ 150 and above per night and provides all the modern amenities to the customers. Some of the major hotels in Changwon are listed here below:

  • Pullman Ambassador Hotel
  • Hotel International Changwon
  • Solium Business Hotel
  • Hotel Avenue
  • Olympic Hotel
  • Namsun Hotel
  • At Business Hotel
  • Hotel Prime
  • Montmartre Motel
  • Feel Motel
  • Seven Motel
  • On Motel Eobang dong

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