Kapan Tourist Places to Visit in Kapan, Armenia, Asia

Kapan Tourist Places to Visit in Kapan, Armenia, Asia

Kapan is the capital of Syunik province, Armenia. The city was branded as Madan and Kafan during the realm of Persian Qajar. Kapan literally means “locked” and it is affirmed by the stat that the city is enveloped amidst the knolls. The average altitude of Kapan is 900 meters above the sea level. Kapan city is known for its natural striking beauty that aspire the visitors to stay put in that spot.

Tourist Attractions in Kapan

Khustup Mountain

Khustup Mountain is positioned towards the south of Kapan and has a serene appeal. It is elevated just around 3200 meters and outlines a striking sight. One can arrive at this place taking five different courses.

Halidzor Fortress

Halidzor Fortress was constructed during the 17th century as an ethnic hub. However it was changed into a citadel. It is a citadel in the company of pyramids. The citadel was a witness to the sovereign of Syunik.


Vahanavank was constructed by the Armenian Prince Vahan during the periods of 10th and 11th centuries. It houses the Church of Gregory the Illuminator constructed in the year 911, the Church of Saint Astvatsatsin and the Gavit.

Baghaberd Fortress

Baghaberd Fortress was constructed by Prince Bagha. It is one of the most significant prehistoric citadels of Armenia. It was believed to have double fortifications and only the remnants are available at present.

Kapan History Museum

Kapan History Museum houses 19th century armory such as blades and floorings. It hosts numerous prehistoric relics.

Tatev Monastery

Tatev Monastery can be reached by the lengthiest cable line in the globe. The view from this place is a striking splendor. It passes through some magnificent structures such as Saint Astvatsatsin minster, stables and student Dormitory, pilgrim tavern, Saint Grigor Lusavorich cathedral, bishop abode, bath, Saint Eustathius cathedral, oil Press,  old Gate and Spring, East Gate, Tatev Matenadaran-Museum, Paul-Peter minster, 18th century school and Grigor Tatevatsi crypt.


Mesrop Mastots Church

Mesrop Mastots Church is the foremost cathedral in the Kapan Township. It is a place where the ethnicity and the general unity coalesce together in the minds of the populace. The cathedra appeals contemporary but simple structural design.

Best season to visit Kapan

The climates during the summers tend to be very hot and soaring in Kapan. There is minimal rainfall in the monsoon season. The winter climate is very cold and the temperature drops down and is the ideal season and recommended for visitors to holiday to Kapan.

Accessibility in Kapan

Kapan is about 300 kms away from Yerevan and Gyumri is sited 415 kms away from Kapan. Public and private transportations provide ample of buses from Syunik prefecture to Kapan. Syunik region is well connected by buses to the capital city Yerevan.

Accommodations in Kapan

Kapan hotels serve the guests with utmost facilities and services with international cuisine and spa amenities include massage/treatment rooms, facials, body treatments, and beauty services, the machine area, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi and swimming pool. The service rendered by some of the hotels in Kapan is world class and the hospitality shown towards the tourists is outstanding. Some of the hotels in Kapan are listed below.

  • Darist Hotel
  • Hotel Lernagorts
  • Hotel Vivas
  • Lara Hotel
  • Diana Hotel
  • Hotel Goris
  • Egevnut Hotel
  • Hotel Christy
  • Gyorez Hotel
  • Mirhav Hotel

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