Tourist Places to Visit in Solo City (Surakarta), Indonesia, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Solo City (Surakarta), Indonesia, Asia

Solo City also identified as Surakarta is situated in Central Java, Indonesia and River Bengawan Solo flows through the city. Solo city is surrounded by Karanganyar, Boyolali, Karanganyar, Sukoharjo, Klaten, Salatiga, Sragen and Magetan and economy of the city depends on the commercial and retail markets. Solo City is located at the distance of 560 Kms capital of Indonesia, Jakarta and zip code of Solo City is 57111 and coordinates are 7.5716° S, 110.8227° E.


History of Solo City:

Java was ruled by the Sultanate Mataram between the 16th and 17th centuries and in the year 1754, the Sultanate shifted to Solo but during the 18th century the region suffered from various influences. Solo City was ruled by various rebellions Sultan and during the Dutch rule they developed the city and ruled the Java Island.  At present it is one of the fast developing cities in Java Island.


Tourism in Solo City:

Solo City is a historical city and there are number of tourist places to visit in and around the city and tourists from various places visit this region throughout the year. There are number of shopping complexes in the city, which offers the ancient art of handicrafts and antique goods available for sale and tourists can also find number of textile shops in the city.

Places to visit in Solo City:

Keraton Kasunanan:

This is the charming palaces in the city constructed in the 1675 in Javanese and European Styles and at present this palace serves as the museum, art and cultural centre.


Museum Batik Danar Hadi:

This is the largest museum in Indonesia and displays wide range of batik from several culture and eras like Chinese, Indian, Javanese and Dutch colonial.


Jurug Zoo:

This is the major attraction in Solo City and this zoo is home to numerous wild animals and birds and tourists can also find aquarium in the zoo. This zoo is popular among the locals.


Sahasra Adhi Pura:

Sahasra Adhi Pura is a Hindu temple located at the distance of 6 Kms from centre of the city and this temple also hosts the yoga centre for the locals.


Other Places to Visit in Solo City:

  • Sriwedari Park
  • Mandi lulur
  • Sepoor Kluthuk
  • Mangkunegaran Palace
  • Pasar Klewer
  • Bengawan Solo River


Best time to visit Solo City:

Solo City is wettest region and receives rain throughout the year and best time to visit Solo City is between the months of June to September.


How to Reach Solo City?

By Air:

Solo City is served by Adisumarmo International Airport, located at the distance of 13 Kms from center of the city is one of the major airports in the Java Island and this airport operates domestic and international flights to various cities in Indonesia and neighboring countries.


By Train:

Solo City is located in Java Island and there is well maintained rail network in this Island and Solo City is served by Solo Station and there are number of express trains accessible from Jakarta to Solo City.


By Road:

Solo City has good network of roads and number of public buses ply in and around the city and other local transport includes taxis, cars and shared taxis.

Hotels in Solo City:

Solo city is an ancient city and there are number of antique goods sold in the city and tourists can come across number of hotels in the city and these hotels prices from $ 15 to $ 100 and above per night and provides all the major facilities to customers. Some of the major hotels in Solo city are as follows:

  • Novotel Solo
  • The Sunan Hotel Solo
  • Lodging Hotel Kartasura
  • Solo Paragon Hotel & Residences
  • Rumah Turi Eco Hotel
  • Indah Palace Solo
  • Sahid Raya
  • De Solo Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Baron Indah
  • Kusuma Sahid Prince Hotel Solo
  • Omah Sinten
  • Hotel Pramesthi Solo

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