Goris Tourist Places to Visit in Goris, Armenia, Asia

Goris Tourist Places to Visit in Goris, Armenia, Asia

Goris is a conurbation in the Syunik Province, Armenia. It is positioned on the vale of watercourse Goris and just about 371 km from the state capital Yerevan. Goris is the biggest city in Syunik province of Armenia and the conurbation is filled with numerous astonishing towers, castles, Pyramids, caverns and many other astounding structures that appeal to the tourists with their distinctive splendor. The crest spot exposes the splendor of the whole city and it is a spectacular sight to observe. During the realm of the Soviet Union the city was revamped Public stations, residencies, hospitals and ethnical hubs were constructed. The geographical coordinates of Goris is 39°30′28″ N, 46°20′19″ E and the total area spans over 8 km2 (3 sq mi).


Tourist Attractions in and near Goris

The Theater

The Theater of Goris was constructed in the year 1888.  It is alleged that the history dates back to some decades ago. The affirmation is received by the cavern theater that is revealed in Goris that is termed as the Amphitheater by the residents of the town. The arena and the seating arrangements are being sheltered to this current day. It was recognized as the state theater in the year 1936. It is stated that the theater was in operation until the year 1960. The theater was operational again from the year 1985.

Saint Grigor Lusavorich Church

Saint Grigor Lusavorich Church was constructed during the period of 1897-1904.      It is alleged that the structure of the cathedral was built by the Armenian-Italian named Tigran Poghosyan.  The cathedral has two entry points one each at south and west. On the either sides of the isles one can find chapels. It has been stated that the cathedral was renovated very many times and at present it is operational.

The Citadel of Dzagedzor or Haband

Dzagedzor literally means the “Canyon of Dzag”.  It is believed that the castle of Dzagedzor was constructed by Patriarch Dzag.

The Church of Saint Hripsime

The resident populaces have branded the place as Holy Mother of God Church. It is positioned in the heart of the Old Goris and is believed to be constructed during the 4th century on the remnants of the pagan sanctuary. It is stated that the cathedral was rebuilt during the 16th century. Currently the renovations of the church are in progress.

The Chapel of Meliks

The chapel depicts an arched solitary-central approach cathedral.  It was the mausoleum to the Meliks who inhibited the Old Goris. Melik Seyin and Melik Ohan are some of the most chief meliks who were masked here. In the vicinity of the chapel there is an ancient burial ground that encompasses of several significant catacombs.

World War II Victim Memorials

The monument was carved in the year 1946 by Rafael Israelyan. This monument is devoted to Zangezur populace who died during the Second World War.  One can also find a different monument carved to commemorate the deaths of Gori populace in the Second World War.

Garegin Nzhdeh Moument

Garegin Nzhdeh Moument is positioned in the square of Avangard region. The memorial is dedicated to Garegin Nzhdeh, who played a significant role in the account of Armenia.

Best season to visit Goris

Due to the high elevation from the sea level, the summers are usually warm and pleasant.  It is the best season for tourists to visit Goris. During the monsoon season there is minimal rainfall. The winter climate tends to be cold and there is occurrence of snowfall also.

Accessibility to Goris

Public and private transportations provide ample of buses from Syunik prefecture to Goris. Syunik region is well connected by buses to the capital city Yerevan. One can hire private taxis to go around the city.

Accommodations in Goris

Goris hosts some of the best hotels in Syunik province in Armenia offering host of facilities to the guests and few of the reputed hotels are listed here below.

  • Hotel Goris
  • Hotel Vivas
  • Lara Hotel
  • Diana Hotel
  • Egevnut Hotel
  • Hotel Christy
  • Gyorez Hotel
  • Mirhav Hotel
  • Yeghevnut
  • Darist Hotel
  • Dina Hotel

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