Places to Visit in Tosontsengel, Mongolia, Asia

Places to Visit in Tosontsengel, Mongolia, Asia

Tosontsengel is one of the districts of Zavkhan Province located in Western Mongolia and coordinates at 48°45′23″ N 98°16′17″ E. After province capital Uliastai, it is the biggest district and the city of the province and is located about 867 kms northwest of national capital Ulan Bator.


Geography and Climate of Tosontsengel:

Marz Uul is the utmost peak in Tosontsengel district with a height of 3,205 meters. Tosontsengel experiences a subarctic climate with cold winters and warm summers.


Economy of Tosontsengel:

There is one hydropower station established at Ider River in the vicinity of Tosontsengel Town. Also Tosontsengel is known for its timber processing activity and the region has rich mineral resources of tin, gold, copper, diamonds, molybdenum ore, phosphorous and iron ore.


Transportation in Tosontsengel:

Tosontsengel is well connected with its province capital Uliastai (181 kms) and other nearby regions include Moron (213 kms), Tsetserleg (361 kms), Ulaangom (573 kms) and the cities of Russia namely Kyzyl and Krasnoyarsk by roadways.

Tosontsengel Airport is situated 2 kms away from the centre of the city and there are bus services available to the airport from Tosontsengel centre. Some travel agencies provide car and motorbikes on rent on daily basis.


Cuisine, Culture and Shopping in Tosontsengel:

The population of Tosontsengel majorly comprises of Buddhists, followed by lower majority Muslims and Christians. The population also covers ethnic communities like Khalkha, Khotgoid and Kazakh. There are music and dance programs organized at the temples and cultural centres of Tosontsengel monthly.

Beef, camel and horse meat is common in the routine diet of Tosontsengel natives. In recent years, people are getting attracted towards Pizza and Burger. Due to this reason, there are plenty of western food corners serving all around the city.

Tourists can pick silk and wooden handicrafts items at handicrafts product shops located in centre of the city. Otherwise tourists can visit supermarkets of Uliastai situated about 180 kms from Tosontsengel and bus is the best option to reach Uliastai.


Tourist Attractions in Tosontsengel:


Tarvagatai Nuruu National Park:

Tarvagatai Nuruu National Park is a beautiful park located outside Tosontsengel City. It is home to rare species of animals like wild boars, spotted deer, argali, wild goats, ibexes, wolves, Corsac foxes, marmots and bear.


Khar Lake:

Khar Lake is situated in the Zavkhan Province of Mongolia at the coordinates of 48.35°N 96.1°E. It is one of the must visit places in Zavkhan Province.


Bayan Nuur:

Bayan Nuur is a prime attraction of Zavkhan Province located in the vicinity of another beautiful lake Khar Lake.


The Manchu Fort:

The Manchu Fort was constructed in the year 1733 and damaged during the independence war. Now tourists can see only the ruins of the fort.


Uliastai Museum:

Uliastai Museum is placed in Yavuukhulan Street of Uliastai.


The nine white Stupas:

The nine white stupas were constructed for the 9 renowned Saints of Buddhism.


The list of other tourist attractions near Tosontsengel is as follows:

  • The city museum
  • Buddhist Temple


Best time to visit Tosontsengel:

The ideal time to visit Tosontsengel is between May and September where the weather is good and numerous events are organized in the city.


Accommodation Options in Tosontsengel:

The facilities available in the hotels of Tosontsengel and Uliastai (180 kms) include fitness, tennis, shower, bathroom, fridge, jug kettle and cable TV. Best hotels in and around Tosontsengel are:

  • Uran Baigal Hotel
  • Uliastai Hotel
  • Bolorjin Hotel and Restaurant
  • Orgoo Hotel
  • Skyline Hotel
  • Jim Hotel
  • Bolorjit Hotel
  • Dush Hotel
  • Urguu Hotel

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