Places to Visit in Uliastai, Mongolia, Asia

Places to Visit in Uliastai, Mongolia, Asia

Uliastai is the capital city of the province of Zavkhan located in the western part of Mongolia. It is situated about 1115 kms from the Ulan Bator, the capital city of the country. Uliastai houses numerous historical museums and ancient monasteries.


Geography and Climate of Uliastai:

Uliastai is placed on the river valley at the confluence of two rivers Bogdiin Gol and Chigestai. It is covered all the sides by mountains is placed at an altitude of 1753 meters and occupies an area of 32.04

Uliastai is situated between 47°44′34″ N latitude and 96°50′36″ E longitude. Uliastai has a semi-arid climate with hot summers and cool winters.


History of Uliastai:

In the period of Qing rule in Mongolia, Uliastai was founded in the year 1733 by Manchu Dynasty.


How to reach Uliastai?

The airport of Uliastai is located 3 kms away from the centre of the city, but not in service. The nearest functioning airport to Uliastai is Donoi Airport served by Aero Mongolia and Eznis with frequent flights to and from Ulan Bator and is placed 25 kms away from the city. Public buses play major role in the transportation of Uliastai and tourists can board buses at Uliastai City Bus Stand and the local bus terminals to reach Tosontsengel and other main cities of the province.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Uliastai:

The culture of the Uliastai is influenced by other regions of country and the locals of Uliastai are hard workers and have good talent in producing handicraft products. The population of Uliastai is filled with Khalkha, Khotgoid and Kazakh communities. The natives arrange cultural events of dance and music every month for entertainment purpose.

Chinese food habits have influenced the regular cuisine of Uliastai. Other than local food corners, the city houses numerous Chinese, Indian, Thai, Italian, other Asian countries and European food corners all around. Crystal Restaurant is the major food corner of Uliastai located above Orgil Supermarket serve customers with both lunch and dinner. It is a best weekend dinner spot and includes discotheque also. Crystal Soup and Crystal Food are very popular in this restaurant.


Tourist Attractions in Uliastai:


The Famous People Museum of Zavkhan:

The Famous People Museum of Zavkhan is presented to the earlier great persons of Zavkhan Province including prime ministers, presidents, Generals and Buddhist saints. It has 9 Halls, each of them dedicated to 9 great figures and also the museum has relics of these nine people.

Zavkhan History Museum:

Zavkhan History Museum showcases the different histories of the province with 6 halls and the histories contain natural history, cultural history, ethnography, modern history and religious history.


Ochirpurev Tsogt:

Ochirpurev Tsogt is a beautiful Nyingma temple located in the main street in the vicinity of historical museum.


Togs Boyant Javklhant:

Togs Boyant Javklhant is placed near the Chigestai River and the temples encloses numerous stupas, a big Bodhisattva statue and a habitual Mongolian ger.


The list of other tourist attractions near Uliastai is as follows:

  • Javkhlant Tolgoi
  • The city Museum
  • Buddhist Temple
  • Khar Lake
  • Tarvagatai Nuruu National Park
  • Bayan Nuur
  • The Manchu Fort
  • The Nine White Stupas


Best time to visit Uliastai:

From May to October is the ideal time to holiday Uliastai to visit historical sites.


Accommodation Options in Uliastai:

Prominent hotels in Uliastai City are listed here below:

  • Uliastai Hotel
  • Uran Baigal Hotel
  • Bolorjin Hotel and Restaurant
  • Orgoo Hotel
  • Skyline Hotel
  • Jim Hotel
  • Bolorjit Hotel
  • Urguu Hotel
  • Dush Hotel

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