Places to Visit in Kostanay, Kazakhstan, Asia

Places to Visit in Kostanay, Kazakhstan, Asia

Kostanay is sited in the northern region of the country, Kazakhstan. Kostanay city forms the center of administration of the Kostanay Province and hub for reputed educational institutions. The place is 125 meters above the sea level and the geographical coordinates puts the place at 53.200 N and 63.620 E, which spans over an area of 240 km2.


Climate in Kostanay:

During summer season the average temperature is 300C and in winter temperature drops to -30C.


History of Kostanay:

The place Kostanay came live with the findings of various mineral deposits in most parts of the region by the geologists and investors in the year 1956. In the 1960, Kostanay was under the Soviet control. People from neighboring regions started settling in Kostanay. Arkalyk was first declared a city and later it formed the center of Torghay area in the year 1971. The year 1980 saw various industrial establishments open up in the region apart from mining companies. The region’s economy was booming. However its economic situation was not as best when compared with the other regions. The fact was that majority of the areas in Arkalyk was used for farming. To tackle with this issue, the region was divided and merged with Aqmola and Kostanai region. However the situation did not improve. The Turgay province was again formed in the year 1989 with Arkalyk once again the provinces city. During the period, 1993 to 1994 the city’s economic condition began to worsen. Once again the province was divided and merged with Akmola and Kostanai regions in the year 1997. At present there is huge unemployment in the region.


Tourist Places in Kostanay:  

Chelyabinsk Zoo:

Chelyabinsk Zoo is located few kms away from middle of the city and the zoo is home for various native animals and best suited for family outing.


Local history museum:

History museum is located 3 kms away from heart of the city which exhibits the local nature, folk and customs of the city and exhibitions are organized in the museum.


Piny wood:

Piny wood is situated nearly 40 kms away from middle of the city and the region is bounded by Arakaragay forests, which are rich in mushrooms and berries.


Other Places to visit near Kostanay:

  • The city of Kostanai
  • Kostanay oblast philharmonic hall
  • Monuments and memorials of Kostanay
  • Amangeldy Imanov’s house
  • The unique Bestamak


Means of Commutation to Kostanay:

Kostanay has roadways connecting to places within Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. There are roads from Kostanay connecting to places like Astana, Almaty and other areas in the country. There are also international roads that connect Kostanay to places within the country Russia.

Inter city transportation is facilitated by buses and taxis.

Kostanay is well connected by railways to places within Kazakhstan. There are regular train services available from Kostanay railway station to places within Russia. Both passenger trains and cargo trains especially Oil cargo move to from Kostanay Railway station to Russia and back.

Kostanay is served by Kostanay International Airport which caters to flights arriving and departing to and from major places within Kazakhstan and across the world such as Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Germany and few other countries in the world.


Accommodation Options at Kostanay:

Kostanay is served by few hotels which offer good facilities to customers and tourists are advised to book hotels before visit the city to avoid last minute rush and provides world class facilities like LCD monitors, room heaters, laundry services, undertake travel bookings, conduct package tours and spa facilities etc. Other major hotels are located in and around the city. Some of the hotels in and around the city are listed below:

  • Medeu Hotel, Kostanay
  • Tobo Hotel, Kostanay
  • Medey, Kostanay
  • Hotel Aristan, Rudnyy
  • Celinnaya Hotel, Kostanay
  • Aidana Plaza Hotel, Kostanay
  • Akkol Hotel, Kostanay
  • Rabat Hotel, Kostanay
  • Kostanaytourist Hotel, Kostanay

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