Places to Visit in Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan, Asia

Places to Visit in Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan, Asia

Ekibastuz is sited on the Asian continent in the country, Kazakhstan in the province, Pavlodar at the northeast section of the country. Ekibastuz is at a distance of 323 km from the countries capital city, Astana and is at a distance of 1,318 km from Almaty in the south direction and 145 km from Pavlodar city. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 51040’0” N and 75022’0” E. The place is 347m above sea level.


Climate in Ekibastuz:

During summer season the average temperature is 420C and in winter temperature drops to -200C.


History of Ekibastuz:

As per the records, the Ekibastuz was in the limelight during the 19th century. At the time, some Russians entrusted the job of discovering resources of minerals in Ekibastuz to a person named Kosym Pshembayev who hailed from Kazakh. On discovering coal in the region, extraction of coal started. Later the mines were sold to a business person of British origin. In the year 1899, the Ekibastuz region witnessed the setup of rail links in the region. The entire region was deserted during the Russian Empire Revolution and the two World Wars. After the end of the Second World War a team was created to make the town, Ekibastuz in the year 1948. The opening of coal mines in Ekibastuz on December 1954 proved an important part in the development of the region. Various establishments sprung in Ekibastuz. The place, Ekibastuz achieved the township status during the Soviet rule in the entire region of Kazakhstan in the year 1957 on 12 July.


People & Culture of Ekibastuz:  

Different communities such as Koreans, Bulgarians, Bashkirs, Polish, Chechens, Germans, Belarussians, Kazakhs, Tatars, Russians and Ukrainians reside in the town, Ekibastuz. Languages spoken by the people of Ekibastuz are Kazakh and Russian and majority of the people either follow Islam or Christianity.


Tourist Places in Ekibastuz:

Kvadrat Art Gallery:

Kavdrat Art Gallery is located in the city that was established in the year 1998 displays the modern art and culture is visited by number of tourists throughout the year.


Other Places to Visit near Ekibastuz:

  • KazMunayGaz
  • House of Friendship
  • Central Stadium


Means of Commutation to Ekibastuz:

Ekibastuz is one of the major industrial towns in the country and has good roadways connecting to places in and around the province and tourists visiting Ekibastuz can access intercity transportation facility like buses, trams and taxis.

One of the major and cheapest modes of the transportation is railways and there are daily trains to places such as Astana and trains on alternate days from Semipalatinsk. There are cross-border trains commuting passengers to places within Russia.

Ekibastuz Airport is situated at the distance of 20 kms from middle of the city, which caters to flights arriving and departing to and from places such as Almaty and Astana within Kazakhstan and International flights to Moscow and vice versa.


Accommodation Options at Ekibastuz:

Though Ekibastuz is an industrial town only few hotels are located in the town and other hotels are situated in Pavlodar province, have some good hotels that provide good accommodation facilities to the tourists visiting the place from time to time and provide services like bed, breakfast, internet connection, laundry services and spa, travel bookings etc. Here is the list of hotels located in and around Ekibastuz is as follows:

  • Hotel Complex Business-Centre
  • Timur Hotel
  • Hotel Irtysh, Pavlodar
  • Altyn Adam Hotel, Pavlodar
  • Sewer Hotel, Pavlodar
  • Pavlodartourist JC, Pavlodar

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