Tourist Places to Visit in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, Asia

Pavlodar is sited on the Asian continent in the country, Kazakhstan in the northeast section. The city, Pavlodar forms the center of administration for the province, Pavlodar. Pavlodar city is at a distance of 450 km from the capital city Astana. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 52018’ N and 76057’ E. The place is 123 meters above the sea level and covers an area of 500 km2.


Climate of Pavlodar:

During summer season the average temperature is 420C and in winter temperature drops to -200C.


History of Pavlodar:

In the year 1720, Pavlodar was under the control of the Russian Empire. The place was then known as Koryakovsky. A small part of the army, belonging to the Russian Empire was stationed at Pavlodar, during which Pavlodar was an important place because of the presence of fertile lands for agriculture and a major hub in the production of salt. In the year 1861, the place was renamed from Koryakovsky to Pavlodar.

Under the Soviet rule in the year 1955, due to the campaign known as Virgin Lands Campaign launched, the region prospered drastically. Many developments in various fields took place at a faster pace. People from the neighboring regions of Pavlodar began to settle in Pavlodar region in huge numbers because the huge employment. The city further progressed commercially and economically. The mid 1960’s saw many industries being established in Pavlodar. Owing to the production of ammunition, Pavlodar shut its doors to foreigners only to open it in 1992. The Soviet rule ended in the region in 1991, and Pavlodar became a part of Independent country, Kazakhstan.


People & Culture of Pavlodar:  

Communities such as Koreans, Bulgarians, Bashkirs, Polish, Chechens, Germans, Belarussians, Kazakhs, Tatars, Russians and Ukrainians reside in and around the city, Pavlodar. Languages spoken by the people of Pavlodar are Kazakh and Russian. Singing, sports, drama and dancing forms an integral part of the country and people of Pavlodar follow either Islam or Christianity is the religion worshipped by some of the locals.


Tourist Places in Pavlodar:

Monument of Nature Goose Flight:

This museum is located at the distance of 5 kms from heart of the city and goose flight is rich in fauna animal neogen and visited by number of tourists throughout the year.


Mashhyr Mosque:

Mashhyr Mosque is situated in middle of the city and visible from different parts of the city and prominent for charm and greatness and named after Mashhyr Zhusup.

Blagoveshchensk cathedral:

Blagoveshchensk cathedral was built in the year 1999 and resembles the cathedrals of Moscow Kremlin and one of the beautiful cathedrals in the city.


Other Places to visit near Pavlodar:

  • Orthodox Church
  • World War II Memorial Park
  • Chekov Theater
  • Concert Hall
  • Pavlodar Museum

Apart from the above tourist attraction spots one can indulge in boat rides during the summer season at the old River Station which rests south of the River banks.


Means of Commutation to Pavlodar:

Pavlodar has roadways connecting to places within the country, Kazakhstan and intercity transportation is facilitated by buses, trams, shared taxi and taxis.

Pavlodar is well connected by railways to places within Kazakhstan. There are daily trains to places such as Astana within Kazakhstan and trains on alternate days from Semipalatinsk.  There are cross-border trains commuting passengers to places within Russia.

Pavlodar is served by Pavlodar airport, located at the distance of 16 kms from middle of the city which caters to flights arriving and departing to and from places such as Almaty, Minsk, Antalya, St Petersburg and Astana within Kazakhstan and International flights to Moscow and vice versa.


Accommodation Options at Pavlodar:

There are plenty of hotels with amazing interiors and beautiful decors in and around Pavlodar which offers world class facilities to the customers like TV, water heaters, A/C, laundry services, undertake travel bookings, conduct package tours and spa. Some of the names of these hotels are mentioned here below:

  • Hotel Irtysh
  • Altyn Adam Hotel
  • Sewer Hotel
  • Pavlodartourist JC
  • Hotel Complex Business-Centre, Ekibastuz
  • Timur Hotel, Ekibastuz

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