Amarah Tourist Places to Visit in Amarah, Iraq, Asia

Amarah Tourist Places to Visit in Amarah, Iraq, Asia

Amarah is a city located in southeastern part of Iraq at a height of 123 meters above the mean level sea. It has a population of about 511,542 as of 2012 census and is placed between latitude 31°50’ in the north and longitude 47°.09’ in the east. Amarah is located about 339 km southwest of Baghdad, the capital city of Iraq.

Amarah is the administrative headquarters of Maysan Province and is famous for its woven goods and silverware products. Amarah features a hot desert climate and enjoys cool winter and dry summer.


History of Amarah:

Amarah was formed as an Ottoman armed forces colony in the year 1860. It was conquered by British in the year 1915 and released in the year 1932.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Amarah:

The natives of Amarah use staple food like tomato, okra, onion, potato, courgette, spinach, leeks, artichokes, plums, figs, grapes, melons and pomegranate to prepare their dish. The locals cook and serve food with lot of love care. Tabbouleh, Hummus, Kibbeh, Sarma, Pastırma, Biryani, Khichdi, Mujaddara, Quzi, Geimar and Burek are the mouthwatering dish of Amarah.

Amarah natives have very much interest in celebrating national festivals and religion festivals. The religious festivals like Moharam, Ed ul Fitar and Ramzan are planned with great enthusiasm and fervor by the locals of Amarah.

Amarah is packed with full of modern shopping centres of cloth, jeweler and daily usable product shops. Also Amarah is home to handicraft and archeological product centres.


How to reach Amarah?

Amarah is served by Basra International Airport placed at a distance of 189 kms. Other nearest airports include Ahwaz International Airport (162 kms) and Abadan Airport (192 kms). There are taxis and buses available to reach airports at Amarah City. Also Amarah has good connectivity with all the prime cities of the country like Baghdad, Hatra, Samarra, Karbala, Najaf and Ashur by well maintained luxury buses of government.


Tourist attractions near Amarah:

Baghdad Zoo:

Baghdad Zoo is a famous tourist destination of Iraq which covers an area of 200 acres located in Baghdad City. It was inaugurated in 1971 and is home to more than 1070 animals. Baghdad Zoo is located between 33.314845° N latitude and 44.376417° E longitude.


The Hanging Gardens of Babylon:

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is considered as one of the 7 wonders of ancient world. It is situated at the coordinates of 32.5355° N 44.4275° E. The beauty of this garden gives an unforgettable experience to the tourists, so this is a must visit place in Iraq.


Other tourist attractions in Amarah include:

  • Victory Arch
  • Baghdad Tower
  • Geli Eli Beg Waterfall
  • Seleucia
  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  • Lake Habbaniyah


Best time to visit Amarah:

From November to March is the big time to visit Amarah, when the grand cultural events organized at major cultural centres of Amarah.


Accommodation Options in Amarah:

Hotels located near Amarah serve food from the different countries like Russia, Thailand, India, Lebanon, Turkey, Japan, Italy, Australia and China. The specialties provided by the hotels of Amarah include air ticket booking, laundry service, vehicle parking, swimming pool, garden area, conference hall, internet connectivity, 24 hour electricity and doctor on call. The budgeted and luxury hotels located near Amarah are as follows:

  • Al Rasheed Hotel
  • Arasat Palace Hotel
  • Uruk Hotel
  • Coral Boutique Hotel
  • La Petite Maison
  • Cristal Grand Ishtar Hotel
  • Divan Erbil
  • Erbil Rotana
  • Safeer Hotel
  • Copthorne Hotel Baranan
  • Highcrest Hotel
  • Basra International Hotel
  • Mnawi Basha Hotel

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