Tourist Places to Visit in Nagasaki, Japan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Nagasaki, Japan, Asia

Nagasaki is one of the cities located in Nagasaki Prefecture in Kyushu region spreading across 406.35 sq kms in area. It is the largest city in island of Kyushu known for good infrastructure facilities, hospitals, medical centers, World Heritage Sites, universities and important tourist destinations. Nagasaki coordinates with 32.47’ degree North Latitude and 129.52’ degree East Longitude.


History of Nagasaki:

Nagasaki was established by the Portuguese during 16th century who first landed in this city. During Meiji Restoration Nagasaki opened its doors to outside trade and commerce and became a major port in the year 1859. In the year 1945 during the II World War, Nagasaki was attacked by Unites States who dropped its second atomic bomb in this city after Hiroshima causing severe damage to life and property.


Places to visit in Nagasaki:

Here is the list of some of the most prominent places to visit in Nagasaki.

  • Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum
  • Hashima Island
  • Mount Inasa
  • Glover Garden
  • Nagasaki Peace Park
  • Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum
  • Nagasaki Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims
  • Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium
  • Nagasaki Seaside Park
  • Nagasaki Spectacles Bridge
  • Nabekanmuriyama Park
  • Nyokodo_Nagai Takashi Museum
  • Confucius Shrine and Museum of Chinese History
  • Oura Catholic Church
  • Megami Bridge
  • Kazagashira Park
  • Urakami Cathedral
  • Shofukuji Temple
  • Iojima Island
  • Siebold Memorial Museum
  • Oka Masaharu Memorial Nagasaki Peace Museum
  • 26 Martyrs Museum and Shrine
  • Kameyamashachu Museum
  • Domingo Church Museum
  • Daionji Temple
  • Takahama Beach

 Culture, food and festivals in Nagasaki:

Nagasaki follows a very rich culture and heritage as many important events and festivals are celebrated with much pomp and show by the residents living in Nagasaki. Festivals that are celebrated with much vigour are Nagasaki relay running race, Kunchi and Nagasaki Lantern Festival. Nagasaki is also very famous for its local specialities like Champon, sara udon, mogi biwa, toruku rice, karasumi and Nagasaki kakuni Manju. Tourists can also taste the local sea food which includes sushi, tofu, squids, shrimps, eels, tunas and shark meat.

 Connectivity to Nagasaki in Japan:

Nagasaki is well connected by road, rail and air modes of transport. Many major highways like Route 34, 202, 251 and 499 crisscross the city prominently. Nagasaki is also well networked by railway link to Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama with fast and efficient modes of advanced railway systems. Nagasaki is also served by an airport which is one of the busiest airports in terms of passenger and cargo handling. Many international flights operate to various destinations from Nagasaki Airport.


Hotels in Nagasaki:

Nagasaki has some of the world’s finest hotels offering luxurious accommodation facilities to the tourists. The hotels have services like airport shuttle, sauna, saloon, spa, swimming pool with temperature controller, 24 hours help desk, special diet on requests etc. List of hotels located in Nagasaki are:

  • Richmond Hotel Nagasaki Shianbashi
  • Garden Terrace Nagasaki Hotels & Resorts
  • Hotel Dormy Inn Nagasaki
  • Hotel New Nagasaki
  • Hotel Monterey Nagasaki
  • Chisun Grand Hotel Nagasaki
  • Victoria Inn Nagasaki
  • JR Kyushu Hotel Nagasaki
  • Best Western Premier Hotel Nagasaki
  • Hotel Wingport Nagasaki
  • Luke Plaza Hotel
  • Hotel Majestic

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