Oita Tourist Places to Visit in Oita, Japan, Asia

Oita Tourist Places to Visit in Oita, Japan, Asia

Oita is the capital city located in the islands of Kyushu surrounded by Pacific Ocean and Sea of Japan covering a total area of 6338.82 sq kms. Oita is 119 kms from east to west and 106 kms from north to south is a major tourist attraction in this part of the world. Oita is renowned for mountain ranges, hotsprings, rivers, temples, shrines and festivals and coordinates with 33.14’ degree North Latitude and 131.36’ degree East Longitude.

 Oita History:

Oita was a part of Toyo-no-kuni, referring “Abundant Land” during 6th century. During Meiji Restoration much of the districts were merged to form Oita Province. Oita was ruled by Edo period from 1603 A.D to 1867 A.D. with the town of Hita being the Govt. seat of Kyushu. Oita was ruled by Otomo family from 1530 A.D. to 1587 A.D. followed by Miura Baien rulers from 1723 A.D. to 1789 A.D. Between 1782 to 1856 it was a part of Hoashi Banri rule and Emperor Fukuzawa Yukuchi ruled the place from 1834 to 1901.


Places of attractions in Oita:

Fuk-Ji Temple:

This is one of the ancient temples located in Kyushu that is built using wooden structures during Heian Peroid from 794 A.D. to 1192 A.D. that attracts many visitors.


Usa shrine:

This is one of the marvels built as per hachiman style of architecture which draws huge tourists from all parts of the world.


Usuki Stone Buddhas:

This is known for 60 carvings of Lord Buddha which were built during Heian Period considered being the only rock carvings of their kind that attracts many visitors.


Other attractions in Oita are:

  • Oita Marine Palace Aquarium
  • Oita Zoo
  • Sasamuta Shrine
  • Tanoura Beach
  • Sekizaki Ocean and Astronomical Observatory Hall
  • Oita City Art Museum
  • Peace Citizen Park
  • Yusuhara Hachiman Shrine
  • Historical Hoashi Honke Sake Brewing Factory
  • Kamezuka Mound
  • Isshinji Temple
  • Oita Castle Ruin Park


Culture, Festivals, Sports in Oita:

Oita is rich in culture and heritage as many important festivals and events are organized which are attended by large numbers of people. Major events that take place in Oita are Kagura dance festivals. Oita is also well known for craft and pottery works where many visitors throng the place to have a glimpse of the craft works. Oita is also famous for conducting many sporting activities like football, soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and international wheelchair marathon which is held during month of October.


Connectivity to Oita in Japan:

Oita is well served by roadways, railways, airways and seaways quite adequately. Efficient bus services are available from Oita to various cities located in Kyushu at frequent intervals. Oita is also well connected by rail modes of transport where many express trains depart from Oita Railway Station to Beppu, Kokura, Nagasaki and other cities located in Kyushu. Oita is also served by an airport which has direct connections to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagasaki, Kawasaki and Yokohama on frequent basis. Oita is also well connected by seaport to other major ports located in Japan.


Hotels in Oita:

There are many good hotels providing world class accommodation facilities to the tourists visiting the city from time to time. The hotels have all the latest and modern amenities and services like provision for air coolers, swimming pools, spa, sauna, airport pickup and drop, special diet on requests, wheelchair accessibility for the disabled, provision for lockers etc. List of hotels located in Oita are:


  • Hotel Forza Oita
  • Rembrandt Hotel Oita
  • Hotel Hokke Club Oita
  • Daiwa Roynet Hotel Oita
  • Best Western Hotel Fino Oita
  • Comodo Hotel
  • OITA OASIS Tower Hotel
  • Hotel Route Inn
  • Oita Century Hotel
  • Oita Ariston Hotel
  • New Gloria Oita Hotel

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