Places to Visit in Bushehr, Iran, Asia

Places to Visit in Bushehr, Iran, Asia

Bushehr also called as Buschir is the capital city of Bushehr Province in Iran, about 1280 kms south of national capital Tehran. After Bandar Abbas port, Bushehr’s port is the 2nd major naval port of Iran.


Geography and Climate of Bushehr:

Bushehr is located between 28°58′ north latitude and 50°50′ east longitude and is placed 8 meters above the mean sea level. The province of Bushehr covers an area of 22,743 sq. km. Bushehr features a hot desert climate.


History of Bushehr:

Bushehr witnessed the rule of Dutch East India Company and British East India Company. It was conquered by British forces in the year 1856.


Economy of Bushehr:

Bushehr is home to fishing, natural gas, petroleum industries and several thermoelectric power plants. Also Bushehr is known for Shiraz wine, metalwork, rugs, cement, and fertilizers.


Landmarks in Bushehr:

  • Qazi House
  • Poseidon’s Temple
  • The Holy Christ Church
  • Persian Gulf University


How to reach Bushehr?

Bushehr is served by Bushehr International Airport with domestic flights to Isfahan, Mashad and Tehran and international air services to Kuwait and Dubai.

Tourists can board buses of Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, Ahvaz and Tehran from Bushehr City Bus Stand. The railway transportation service is under construction in Bushehr.

Bushehr is well connected with few international destinations by boat services and the cities include Qatar (Monday), Bahrain (Monday) and Kuwait (Wednesday) with fare of US$50 to reach these destinations by boat. Tourists can use Taxis to move within the city.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Bushehr:

Bushehr is one of the cultural and educational hubs of Iran houses 8 top universities and several cultural centres. Football is very famous and highly played sport in Bushehr and Shahin-e Bushehr is well known football team of Bushehr Province. Bushehr is the birth place of two famous Iranian poets Faiez Dashti and Manouchehr Atashi.

Tourists can find star hotels at Bushehr City and Ghavam Restaurant is one of the famous food corner on Khalije Fars Street offers Western and Chinese food along with Iranian traditional dishes. Ghalieh Mahi is very popular food in Bushehr and other famous dishes include Ghovatou, Koloocheh and Masgati.

To purchase handicraft products, one can visit the shops located at Bushehr City. Also the city is home to retail outlets, cloth, shoe, camera and electrical items shops.


Tourist Attractions in Bushehr:      


Persian Gulf Beach:

Persian Gulf Beach is a prime attraction of Bushehr placed away from the city. It is one of the best weekend picnic spots in Bushehr.


Mabad Poseidon:

Mabad Poseidon is a temple located in Bushehr surrounded by several tourist attractions.


Shaykh Sadoon Mosque:

Shaykh Sadoon Mosque is one of the holy places of Bushehr Muslims.


The Holy Christ Church:

The Holy Christ Church is Christian pilgrim place in Bushehr province.


Gurestan Bastani:

Gurestan Bastani is an ancient cemetery magnetizes tourists from all around the province.


Other tourist attractions near Bushehr include:

  • Deje Borazjan
  • Kakhe Tauke
  • Shahzade Ebrahim
  • Qavam Water Reservoir
  • Qazi House
  • Castle of Khormuj
  • House of Raies Ali Delvari
  • House of Malik
  • Tomb of Abdul mohaymrn
  • House of Dehdashti


Best time to visit Bushehr:

Between the months of November and February is the ideal time to reach Bushehr to visit historical places.


Accommodation Options in Bushehr:

The hotels of Bushehr are known for their top hospitality services with different facilities. The list of hotels in Bushehr is as follows:

  • Hotel Sadi
  • Hotel Delvar
  • Aseman Hotel
  • Boushehr Inn
  • Hafez Guest House
  • Iran Guest House
  • Reza Hotel
  • Sadra Tourism Hotel
  • Seyaf Hotel
  • Dariush Grand Hotel


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