Best Tourist Places to Visit in Abu Musa, Iran, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Abu Musa, Iran, Asia

Abu Musa is an Iranian island in the eastern Persian Gulf which covers an area of 12.8 km². It comes under Hormozgan province of Iran. Bandari dialect of Persian is the widely spoken language in Abu Musa.


Geography of Abu Musa:

Abu Musa is positioned between latitude 25°52′ in the north and longitude 55°02′ in the east, located 16 kms away from Strait of Hormuz and about 75 km from Bandar Lengeh. Abu Musa features a warm and humid climate at an average elevation of 46 meters.


Etymology of Abu Musa:

Abu Musa is also called as Gap-Sabzu means “the great green place” in Persian language. It witnessed the rule of British in the past.


Connectivity to Abu Musa:

Abu Musa has its own airport located few kilometers away from the city centre with flights to Tehran, the capital city of Iran and other nearby locations.

There are regular buses available at Abu Musa Bus Stand to reach surrounding regions of the Island. Taxis and Jeeps are very common in Abu Musa, tourists can hire Taxi to visit the nearby tourist destinations.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Abu Musa:

The population of Abu Musa covers the greater majority of Muslim community and also a few Christians and Hindus. The people of Abu Musa generally speak Bandari dialect of Persian and also some natives communicate in Gilaki, Balochi, Mazandarani, Arabic languages. The natives celebrate Persian New Year with great enthusiasm and fervor.

The eating habits of the Abu Musa people is slightly different than other regions of Iran. The natives like both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. Very popular food items in the regions of Abu Musa include Longi, Boorani,Mahi Dudi,Shirin Tareh, Sirabij,Kolucheh Lahijan, Khalou Abeh, Anar Bij, Choqortmeh, Morabaye Velesh, Torsh Tareh, Shekam Por and Sham Goosht.

Abu Musa is a city with full of shopping centres of cloth, shoe, gadgets, handicrafts products and archeological items. The city houses Saudi Arabia, Iraq, China, Italy and other western and Asian style hotels. Tourists can reach the shops of Bandar Abbas for better shopping experience.


Tourist Attractions near Abu Musa:

Abu Musa Airport:

Abu Musa Airport is a well constructed airport located few kilometers away from Abu Musa city centre. The airport is located at an elevation of 7 meters situated between 25°52′32″ N latitude and 55°01′58″ E longitude.


Halva Mountain:

Halva Mountain is very famous tourist destination in Abu Musa located about 110 meters above the mean sea level.


Fort of Our Lady of the Conception:

Fort of Our Lady of the Conception also called as Portuguese Castle is very ancient fortress, built with full of reddish stones.


Emarat-e Kolah Farangi:

Emarat-e Kolah Farangi was constructed by the Dutch located in Hormozgan Province of Iran.


Latidan Bridge:

Latidan Bridge was built during the rule of Shah Abbas I.


Other tourist attractions near Abu Musa include:

  • Berkeh Haye Baran
  • Gele-dari Traditional Bath
  • The Hindu Temple
  • Geno UNESCO natural biosphere reserve
  • Latidan Bridge
  • Sa’di House
  • Hara UNESCO natural biosphere reserve
  • Fekri House
  • Hara Marine Forests
  • Kish Island


Best time to visit Abu Musa:

January, September and October months are the best time to visit Abu Musa.


Accommodation Options in Abu Musa:

The top hotels in Abu Musa and Bandar Abbas of Hormozgan Province are as follows:

  • Hormoz Hotel
  • Hotel Homa
  • Hotel Amin
  • Hotel Atilar
  • Hotel Golshahr
  • Hotel Gohar Shad
  • Ghods Hotel
  • Geno Hotel
  • Hotel Darya
  • Persian Gulf Waterside Hotel
  • Kowsar Hotel
  • Mema Pazir Bouali

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