Best Tourist Places to Visit in Beppu, Kyushu, Japan

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Beppu, Kyushu, Japan

Beppu is a city located on the islands of Kyushu covering a total area of 125.13 sq kms. Japanese is the widely spoken language of the locals living in Beppu and the city is one of the major tourist destinations in this part of the world. Beppu was founded in the year 1924 and is well known for natural hot water springs. Besides, Beppu is also known for good education and sporting activities. Beppu coordinates with 33.16’46” degree North Latitude and 131.30’ degree East Longitude.


Visitors Attractions in Beppu:

Beppu has lots to offer for international as well as local tourists who throng at the place all round the year. Some of the attractions include:


Hot Springs:

Beppu is very well known for its natural hot water springs that emerges from ground levels attracts many local as well as international tourists from all parts of the world. Some of the areas where hot springs emerges are Kankaiji, Beppu Onsen, Kamegawa, Shibaseki, Kannawa, Horita and Hamavaki.


Oniyama Jigoku:

This place is also known as “Monster Mountain Hell” located in Beppu where many large crocodiles are bred and kept where many tourists visit the place frequently to have a close glimpse of the large monstrous creatures.


Shidaka Lake:

Another local attraction in Beppu is the Shidaka Lake located 600 meters above the sea level where many tourists come to enjoy the serene atmosphere. The lake is also an ideal spot for picnics and provides boating and pedaling.


Otobaru Falls:

This is another major natural attraction in Beppu which attracts many tourists from local as well as from outside countries. The tourists can have a glimpse of the falls plunging down from the mountains cliffs and ridges are an excellent spot worth visiting in Beppu.


Wonder Rakutench Amusement Park:

The Amusement Park attracts many visitors which have much latest land and water rides to offer for the tourists. It is one of the best places to spend time in Beppu.


Takasakiyama Monkey Park:

The Monkey Park is about 10 minutes drive by bus from Beppu city which is a home to around 1500 Japanese macaques.


Kijima Kogen Resort:

The Resort is known for its 18 holed golf course and a multi cuisine hotel attracting many tourists annually. Another star attraction is the presence of an amusement park located on a plateau on way to Yufuin.


Beppu Beach:

The beach is one of the major tourist attractions in Beppu known for its yellow sandy beaches and crystal clear sea water. Tourists can also undertake swimming, water skiing, water surfing and sunbath along the beaches.


Beppu Park:

Beppu Park is located in the heart of the city which is about 15 minutes walk from Beppu Station has many trees, plants and Japanese plants called Ikabena. It is one of the major tourist sites in Beppu.


Beppu Fireworks Festival:

This is one of the prime festivals held in late July considered to be one of the biggest fireworks displays where 5000 fireworks are lighted from sailing boats on Beppu Bay that invites many visitors to watch this spectacular bonaza.


People, culture and cuisine in Beppu:

The people of Beppu are known for their strong culture and religion. The locals have strong belief in their religion and they visit many Buddhist temples and shrines located in and around Beppu. They show all warmth and hospitality towards the visitors coming to this city. The tourists are also greeted with some fine authentic Japanese cuisines and dishes like soups, rice and noodles. They are also served with many meat and fish recipes like Sushi.


How to reach Beppu in Japan?

Beppu is well connected by intercity buses plying between Beppu and Qita at regular intervals. Trains form the major mode of public transport for carrying passengers from Beppu to other cities which are fast, efficient and economical mode of local transport. The nearest airport is Oita Airport located 14 kms away from Beppu where many flights arrive and depart to various destinations in Japan and other international destinations.


Hotels in Beppu:

Beppu is known for best hotels that provide splendid accommodation facilities for the tourists coming to the city all round the year. Hotels range from 1 star to 5 star offering some of the fantastic amenities and provides the best of authentic Japanese cuisines. List of some of the hotels located in and near Beppu are:


  • Hotel Aile
  • Hotel Suginoi
  • Hotel Shiragiku
  • Hotel Seawave Beppu
  • Hotel New Matsumi
  • Nishitetsu Resort Inn
  • Hotel Seifu
  • Hotel Umine
  • Hotel Seikai
  • Hotel Nogamihonkan Ryokan

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